What women want is good for the world.

I believe that inside of all of us are ideas and dreams that the world desperately needs.

But so many of us are held back by our own minds - mental health struggles, out-dated conditioning and a lack of connection to our inherent power as women.

I'm on a mission to change all of that. 

I'm Carly Crewe, MD

My life's mission is to help as many women with their mental health as possible.

I believe that prioritizing our mental health is foundational in living our bravest, boldest and most impactful lives as women.

As an expert coach, I help ambitious women like you take radical responsibility for their mental health, step into their personal power and create a life by their own incredible design.

With the help of my all-female team in Eunoia Medical, we provide education and virtual therapy to help women build a solid foundation of mental health from which to grow.

Shortly after my twins were born, I suffered from a severe postpartum mood disorder. For months, I battled relentless anxiety, irrational rage and debilitating self-doubt.

Within months, I was a shell of my former self. Despite being a physician, I missed the signs even in my self.

Through a lot of therapy, medication, self-care and taking radical responsibility for my life, I came out the other side armed with 2 very important things that would change the course of my life: 1.a passion for creating a world of healed, empowered women and 2. the tools, insights experience to make it happen. 

After I recovered, I became passionate about helping women improve their mental health. I wrote a book, started a podcast and even began a women's mental health clinic to serve more women. Now, I also proudly coach women leaders and provide transformational experiences to help women step into their fullest power and change the world together in sisterhood.

And underneath everything I do is one prevailing idea:

And like most birth experiences, it would change the course of my life.

When I gave birth to my twins in 2016, I experienced my own rebirth.

healed and empowered women have the potential to change the world. 

The impact of a single woman cannot be understated. Empowering women is legacy work.
It's my legacy.

Here's what I believe and know to be true...

When a woman is well, she heals those around her. She takes radical responsibility for her own mental health and models healthy habits for others. She inspires others, motivates them and leads them.

An empowered woman rejects oppressive conditioning that tells her she's not good enough or forces her to live up to standards that were never hers to choose. 

An empowered woman trusts herself to own her story, claim her genius and bring world-changing dreams into reality in her own unique way.

In bravely and audaciously choosing herself, she changes the paradigm for women everywhere, impacting generations to come. 

The ripples of helping just one woman are infinite. 

And I'd LOVE for you to join me in this mission.

i'm creating a world where women are empowered to heal themselves, step into their power and change the world.

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"Carly is a physician and coach who has invested a ton of time and money to become the best coach that she can be, and continues to invest in herself to her highest calling and change the world. She claims she doesn't know it all, but she also knows she is an expert. She is incredibly intelligent, divine and heart-centered. - Katrina S.

"She's going to change your life. She's going to change the world."

"I know this sounds cliche, but I have seen other therapists over the last 15 years and have never felt as heard, seen, and accepted as I do by Dr. Crewe. Every therapist I’ve had prior to Dr. Crewe has tried to fix me by trying to help me stop my uncomfortable feelings - which seemed to make sense because I didn’t want those feelings. But Dr. Crewe knew there had to be a better way - she recognized that I needed to stop fighting and accept how I was feeling, and overall, myself. - Chiara F."

"Dr. Crewe has changed my life."

"Carly's passion and and experience made the Matriarch program enjoyable and full of valuable content. There were so many gems and take-aways! I looked forward to being with a group of other women to discuss self-worth, boundaries and self-trust." - Joyce S, on the Matriarch Program

"Carly speaks with enthusiasm that is contagious! "

"As someone who was diagnosed 15 years ago withwith severe postpartum depression and anxiety, then 4 years ago with complex PTSD, working with Carly for the last year has done more for me than all of the psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists over the years." — Steph B.

"When my doctor referred me to Carly, she said, "I don't know what else to do with you."

"I'm not new to mental health but what was new was someone I could talk to regularly and who genuinely "got it." Carly was understanding, but also knew when to challenge the false beliefs and stories I had on repeat about myself...Forever grateful for the opportunity to work with such an amazing woman." — Allison G.

"Carly's patience and knowledge has been invaluable."


Revolutionizing women's mental health access, hosting retreats, coaching powerhouse women and living my best life.


Eunoia Medical is born and grows by 1000% helping over 400 women with their mental health in it's first year.


Work super hard to feel better, start to help other women do the same.


Surprise! Twins!
Their birth = my rebirth. Painful yet transformational.


Graduated residency after learning all of the medical things.


Graduated my MD program from the University of Calgary.


Applied to medical school, plan to be a therapist as a back-up.


Decided I would either be a therapist or a doctor.

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