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Carly is a women's mental health and empowerment expert.

Carly Crewe, MD is a family physician and psychotherapist who believes that prioritizing our mental health is foundational in living our bravest, boldest and most impactful lives as women. Dr. Crewe is the CEO and Owner of Eunoia Medical, an innovative and dynamic virtual clinic that provides comprehensive treatment of mental health disorders in women by an extraordinary team of female family doctors.
As a powerful, intuitive and experienced coach, Carly provides transformational experiences for women to choose themselves, claim their bravest dreams and change the world in the process.

Dr. Crewe is an Amazon best-selling author and her book You Are Not Your Anxiety is currently available on CarlyCrewe.com and online retailers worldwide. As a mental health advocate, podcast host and content creator, Dr. Crewe speaks openly about mental health struggles and contributes to various online publications and works with health associations across the country.

As an entrepreneur, consultant and business owner, Carly is passionate about empowering individuals and organizations to prioritize mental health, reduce stigma and create high quality, accessible mental health resources. She help organizations create customized plans to support their teams with best practices in personal and professional wellness, mental health and psychological health and safety.

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Podcast Features

Perfectionism and It's Impact on Your Mental Health

Speaking to the sneaky yet damaging nature of perfectionism, something that is commonly discussed but actually misunderstood. This talk introduces the audience to the misunderstood nature of perfectionism, explores the relationship between perfectionism and burnout, and teaches listeners how to both identify perfectionism in themselves and use intentional and simple strategies to know when good enough is enough.


when is good enough, enough?

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Work-Life Boundaries For High-Achievers Who Can Never Shut Off

Our culture has conditioned so many of us to crave and find satisfaction in being productive and available for our work (or business) at all times. However, for the sake of our lives outside of work and our own mental health, this is simply not sustainable. In this presentation, Carly provides listeners with a fresh perspective on creating healthy work-life boundaries that is based in basic brain science and harnesses our understanding of external accountability to help listeners feel confident creating boundaries in their own lives so they can thrive in both their personal and professional roles. 

brain-based time management for high performers

Get The Right Things Done in Less Time With Brain-Based Time and Energy Management 

This talk highlights little-known facts about our brains and how they function to provide fresh and effective strategies for harnessing your most valuable resources: time and energy. Through learning simple neuroscience principles, participants will understand the basis of procrastination, distraction and ineffective prioritizing and learn practical and effective ways to change their workflows and time-management for maximum effectiveness and productivity. Knowing what is top priority, how to organize yourself to get those things done, and working with your brain are all takeaways from this engaging talk.

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Navigating the Fall Out of Interpersonal and Emotional Boundary Setting 

Having healthy interpersonal boundaries is one of the most important mental health strategies you can have. However what often holds us back from setting those boundaries is fear of "the fallout" - the reactions of others and how they treat us afterwards. In this talk, Carly will help listeners identify what relationships need improved boundaries, how to put those boundaries into place and critical mindset and behaviour shifts that they need to adopt to weather the (inevitable) fallout.
(Workshop also customizable to healing professionals - How To Not Take Your Client's Problems Home With You)

this is your brain in a pandemic

Why Are We So Tired, and What Can We Do About It?

A very popular and timely conversation, this topic covers the impact of living through the pandemic on our brain from a simplified neuroscience perspective, shedding light on how many are feeling right now. If your audience is struggling with overwhelm, feeling exhausted or finding themselves to be more irritable lately, this is a talk where they will feel seen, understood and supported to help themselves feel better during this challenging time. 

talk topics

hey, are you ok?

How to Talk to Your Employees About Their Mental Health and Why It Matters

Mental illness is no longer something we can ignore in the workplace. In this talk, Dr. Crewe will share why it is SO important (now more than ever) that managers and organization leaders understand the importance of creating a mentally healthy workplace culture, which starts with comfort in asking employees and colleagues about their mental health. This talk discusses the estimated burden of mental illness in the workplace, why so many managers are uncomfortable broaching the subject, and simple ways to overcome those obstacles.

well, that could have gone better

How to Manage Overwhelming Emotions When You Feel Like You're Losing Your Mind

Overwhelming emotions are inevitable, but how we treat ourselves when we experience them, and how we behave in response to them can be changed. This talk leans on basic science of emotions and how they impact our brains to provide the audience with an understanding of why it feels like they're losing their minds, and why they behave in ways they regret when that happens. Then, using easy-to-use, practical and memorable strategies, Carly provides listeners with the tools to be prepared for their next overwhelming emotional moments with more self-compassion, grace and skillfulness. 

simple ways to manage your mental health (for busy people)

In this fun and informative talk, Dr. Crewe shares tools, habits and strategies that help busy professionals prioritize their mental health without over-filling their (already full) schedules. From mindset shifts to habit stacking of simple tools, listeners will leave with easy-to-implement and realistic strategies for making their mental health a priority on a daily basis. 

Dr. Crewe is an engaging, informative and entertaining speaker who's talks are grounded in the compassionate understanding that at our core, we are more alike than we are different. Carly speaks openly about her own experiences to normalize mental health and eliminate the stigma associated with mental health symptoms and illnesses. Designed to ensure her audience feels seen, understood and supported, Carly's talks are grounded in simple neuroscience, use metaphors and humour to help listeners understand their experiences and gain a fresh perspective on their challenges. Not to disappoint, Dr. Crewe also ensures to include practical and realistic strategies and tools to ensure her audience walks away feeling empowered and inspired.

All of the below talks are customizable for your audience. Don't see a topic on the list that you're looking for? Need a custom talk? Reach out via the form at the bottom of this page and we'll chat. 

Canadian Society of Combined Lab and X-Ray Technologists Annual Conference
Keynote: It's OK to Not Be OK (and Other Pandemic Truths) - April 2021

The Pandemic Fog: Why Are We So F*cking Tired and What Can We Do About It?
Online Paid Webinar with Dr. Jody Carrington - June 2021

Top Strategies for Managing Time and Staying Sane as an Entrepreneur with Dr. Carly Crewe - How to Build a Health and Fitness Brand Online in 2021, Online Summit by Katie Cannon 

events + Collaborations

Prescription for Professional Wellness - Custom Podcast Series for Pharmacy Professionals, in collaboration with Amy Oliver and sponsored by the Ontario Pharmacy Association.

Women's Mental Health Video Series - LifeSpeak Platform (Members Only Access)

Eating for Brain Health by Dr. Carly Crewe - LifeSpeak Blog (Members Only Access)

Why Being a People-Pleaser is Harmful to Your Mental Health by Dr. Carly Crewe - LifeSpeak Blog (Members Only Access)

Dr. crewe speaks on guilt and it's impact on women's mental health, as part of a series produced by lifespeak

LifeSpeak Feature Video

— Ranessa Guo, Co-President, Canadian Society of Combined Lab and X-ray Technologists

Carly's ability to empathize and engage with the audience was incredible! Her honesty, vulnerability, and empathetic approach to discussing mental health was so refreshing. She made members feel understood, appreciated, and safe to be vulnerable themselves. I can't thank Carly enough for being our keynote speaker and infusing such a refreshing, honest energy into our group of wonderful but tired technologists. Many many, MANY thanks!!

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