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It's possible to feel like yourself again.
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Helping women manage their mental health in a way that feels good.

Like you, I've struggled with my mood and mental health. Heck, I've had so much anxiety that I didn't even know what to believe anymore. I know first-hand what it can be like trying to figure out what to do to help yourself feel better. You're just desperate for something that works.

As I've been where you are and have come out the other side, I know exactly what you need to know to help yourself feel better. And as a doctor, I also have the medical knowledge + clinical experience to know what is safe, effective and evidence-based when it comes to women's mental health. 

And I can't wait to share it with you.

I believe that women have the potential to change the world. But in order to do that, they have to first be well themselves. 

My mission is revolutionize how women take care of their mental health and how mental health care is done.

And you’re freaking sick of not knowing what to do to fix it.

You are tired of feeling the way you do...

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A no-bullshit manual to get your anxiety under control and kick people-pleasing to the curb.

You Are Not Your Anxiety by Dr. Carly Crewe

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I am an MD Psychotherapist + Mindset Coach specializing in the treatment of mental health symptoms in women (meaning I teach skills + prescribe pills.) 
I'm also the CEO of Eunoia Medical, an innovative virtual mental health clinic for women where I work with a team of incredible female doctors to revolutionize mental health care for women.
I'm a bestselling author and the host of the 5-star rated podcast Mind Over Motherhood. I'm a Speaker, Corporate Mental Health Consultant and content creator.
I'm an ever-recovering perfectionist, voracious vegan foodie and intrepid modern-day nomad, calling a 31 foot RV home with my twin daughters, husband and rescue dogs.

MD psychotherapist · author · speaker · badass boss

Women's Mental Health Expert

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"Carly helped me dig into all the places I needed to dig, in a way that felt so manageable. She was great at guiding me towards a healthier relationship with myself and that led to healthier relationships with my spouse and kids. " — Allison G.

"I'm forever grateful for the opportunity to work with such an amazing woman."

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I have a few different ways that you can start working on your mental health. Let's explore what's for you.

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