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Let's build a better world together.

I believe healed and empowered women can change the world.

I believe that inside of all of us are ideas and dreams that the world desperately needs, because
what women want is good for the world.

But so many of us are held back by our own minds - mental health struggles, out-dated conditioning and a lack of connection to our inherent power as women. 

As a women's mental health and empowerment expert, my life's work is to help women take radical responsibility for their mental health, bravely choose themselves and take action to bring their incredible visions into reality, because empowered women will heal the world.

Wherever you are in your personal journey, whether still in the grips of mental illness or further along on your path, you are in the right place. 

and i'm on a mission to help you tap into it in a big way.

Girl, you have so much potential...

from mental health to leadership, i'm here to help you along every step of your personal development journey.

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A virtual mental health clinic for women by women. Speak to a female MD-therapist from the comfort of your home.

Eunoia Medical

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In collaboration with Amy Oliver + Co, coaching to help you break through barriers and reach your next level. 


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A no-bullshit manual to get your anxiety under control and kick people-pleasing to the curb.

You Are Not Your Anxiety by Dr. Carly Crewe

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Powerful stories of vulnerability, radical responsibility and being brave.

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Releasing Perfectionism 10-Minute Meditation

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My life's mission is to help as many women with their mental health as possible.

I believe that prioritizing our mental health is foundational in living our bravest, boldest and most impactful lives as women. As a mental health advocate and educator, I speak openly about my own mental health struggles and believe radical vulnerability and storytelling are invaluable instruments of connection and healing. 

As a physician, I specialize in the holistic and comprehensive management of mental health symptoms in women and lead a team of women physicians as the CEO Eunoia Medical, my innovative virtual mental health clinic for women where we help hundreds of women feel like themselves again.
As an entrepreneur, consultant and business owner, I am passionate about empowering individuals and organizations to prioritize mental health, reduce stigma and create high quality, accessible mental health resources. I help organizations create customized plans to support their teams with best practices in personal and professional wellness, mental health and psychological health and safety.

I'm a mom to a set of feisty twin girls, wife to the love of my life and am on an ever-adventurous journey to my fullest life. I'm a recovering perfectionist, self-care junkie, author, speaker, corporate mental health consultant and content creator.

physician ·  speaker · innovator · entrepreneur

Women's Mental Health + Empowerment Expert

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"Carly helped me dig into all the places I needed to dig, in a way that felt so manageable. She was great at guiding me towards a healthier relationship with myself and that led to healthier relationships with my spouse and kids. " — Allison G.

"I'm forever grateful for the opportunity to work with such an amazing woman."

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