Tired of feeling worried, on-edge
and overwhelmed?

Hey Mama…
Does this sound familiar?

You feel like you can’t relax and there’s always something else to do.

You feel like you can’t shut your brain off and you struggle to fall asleep at night.

You worry excessively about simple everyday things all the time.  

You feel irritable and overwhelmed, even after you rest or have a vacation.  

You never have enough time for yourself and when you do find time for self-care,
you feel guilty about it.

You spend all of your energy and time caring for others, leaving yourself feeling spent and depleted with nothing for yourself.

You are exhausted and burnt-out with no space to breathe.  

Girl, I got you.

Something has to change.

It’s time to do motherhood on your own terms.

1:1 Anxiety Coaching

Experience personalized, 1-on-1 coaching to overcome overwhelm, find more time for yourself and
end your struggle with anxiety.

14 Learn about worry.

We’ll examine the role that worry and unhealthy thinking patterns play in your emotions, your energy and your enjoyment of life.

14  Take back your power.

Develop self-confidence and the skills to assertively ask for what you need without guilt. Create structures in your life that support your wellness and learn how to set boundaries to protect them.

14 Use tested strategies.

Learn evidence-based, doctor-tested strategies for identifying negative or incorrect thought patterns and implement them with one-on-one support from an experienced coach.

14   Be more mindful. 

Develop an awareness of your mind’s processes and observe its patterns using effective, anxiety-proven techniques. When you can see your thoughts for what they are, you take away their power.

14   Cultivate more calm.

While life is inevitably chaotic, it is possible to approach your day with more calm, more agency and more intention. Learn practical and effective strategies for calming powerful emotions such as anger, irritability, impatience and guilt.

14    Master your mindset.

Combine proven strategies with one-on-one accountability to finally feel in control of your own mind. It’s possible to breathe easier. 

It can be so much better than this.

Hey, I’m Carly

Mother. Doctor. Coach. Anxiety Proof.

I help women like you move from feeling anxious and overwhelmed to
calm and in control.

From one mom to another, I know how exhausting, emotional and futile motherhood can be.

I also know it can be one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences of our lives.

But it’s hard.

And it’s only made harder when you’re constantly feeling anxious and overwhelmed.


So I want to ask you… 


Are you ready to step back in to your own life and finally be the mother and woman you know you are?

Are you ready to become your own leading lady, and stop owning other people’s emotional baggage?

Are you ready to finally be free from the clutches of your anxiety and take back your power?

Do you want more space and time to do things that actually make you feel calm, nourished and in control?

Are you ready to do motherhood on your own terms?

What clients are saying…

Carly’s positive, supportive approach and infectious energy directed me to find new solutions to create a dedicated self-care routine that I look forward to following even with an inconsistent work rotation or while on holidays! I didn’t know I had in me to come up with the ideas I did!  I always left our sessions feeling motivated and confident.
Her thoughtful and clever approach was fascinating and enabled me to figure out my priorities and truly exceed my goals. My self-confidence has grown immeasurably through a sustainable program I am still holding myself to.

Tracy H.

My Approach


As a mother of twins, I know first-hand the joys, struggles and emotional roller-coaster of motherhood. I know how easy it is to lose yourself in caring for others and the challenge of taking time for yourself.


I utilize my professional experience as a family doctor working with individuals who struggle with all sorts of mental health concerns to help you develop healthier thinking habits, overcome distressing emotional patterns and create effective and drug-free solutions for overcoming insomnia.


I practice evidence-based coaching methods informed by Whole Person Coaching philosophy to help you discover your inner resources and create sustainable, unique solutions that actually work in your life.

Want to end the mom chaos and feel more in control?

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