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Forgive them.

When they’re irrational and illogical and completely insane, forgive them.

When they’re screaming and waling and incomprehensible, forgive them.

When they’re crying over the smallest, most insignificant things for the 18th time today, forgive them.

When they’re angry and kicking at you, swatting at you and telling you they hate you, forgive them.

When they drop the cup of juice off the side of the table one more time and you’re so angry you could explode, forgive them.

When they’re laughing hysterically at inappropriate times, forgive them.

Our children need to know that we forgive them and love them unconditionally.

And although it can be easier to just label them as “jerks” or assume they’re meaning to be “that way”, they’re not.

I don’t know about you, but I get pretty miserable when I’m tired.
When I’m hungry.
When I’m cold.
When I’m lonely.

And sometimes it’s easy to forget that even adults are ridiculous and irrational at times.

As adults, it is hard to figure out how to handle anger.

As adults, it is hard to control our worry and our irrational thoughts.

As adults, it is hard to move past small, somewhat insignificant slights, even if we can see that they’re insignificant.

And when we act out and behave in ways we’re not proud of, we often feel intense shame and guilt.

And our children feel that way too.

We beat ourselves up and label ourselves bad parents, wonder what we’re teaching our children with our behaviour.

If you can come from a place of forgiveness as often as possible,
Forgive them when they’re angry,
when they’re irrational,
when they’re insane,

They will learn to forgive you too.

Because we are all just trying to figure it out and we could all use a little more forgiveness in our lives.

Carly Crewe, Mindset Coach for Mompreneurs, Coach for Aspiring Mompreneurs, Mindset Coach for Moms, Mindset Coach, Coach for Entrepreneurs

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