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“You should do this,” she said.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure what “this” was.

“This,” she repeated, “this helping people like you are with me.”

I had been helping my friend get through her own anxiety journey when she told me something that would change the trajectory of my life.

I had a perfectly wonderful and successful life at the time.

Oh, I could never do that. Others know so much more than me, I’d thought. I have no idea what I’m doing.

But I still took a small brave step. I hopped over to Google and typed in “how to become a life coach.”

I wasn’t sure it was possible.

But in taking that step I started learning. And in that learning my interest grew, and my passion. With that interest, I learned even more and my confidence grew. And with that confidence, I started to build a business.

I didn’t know how or what I was I doing and it was messy and uncomfortable.

But in building that business, I met a coach.

That coach saw in me what my friend saw in me, and what I had only hoped to see in me.

“I know you’re going to crush this,” she said. “You are going to help so many people.”

I wasn’t so sure that was possible.

And from working with that coach, I started to help more people and my business grew.

With her guidance, I returned to my love of writing, something that had been hidden away since childhood, and had been buried with adulting, medical school and responsibility.

And in rekindling that love for writing, I shared my message and my story, and my business grew.

When my business grew, I saw that my income could be more flexible. I started to dream about what that could mean for my family.

For the first time, I considered the possibility that maybe I didn’t have to live my life as I was living it. That maybe it could be something different.

I began to consider that maybe financial freedom and more location independence could be a reality for us, something we hadn’t even considered before.

Something we hadn’t even thought was possible.

Once we had a taste of what that could look like, we started to re-evaluate everything else we were doing in our lives.

We made a life-changing decision to sell our house and downsize drastically to a tiny home.

We started to get very clear on what our priorities were and put our energy towards those things.

In committing to our financial freedom, we examined our expenses and stripped away what was weighing us down or holding us back.

And in trimming the fat from our financial life, we turned our attention to our health.

As active foodies, we considered ourselves pretty healthy already.

We examined even closer what we put in our bodies and now are embracing a vegan lifestyle.

We certainly did not think this could be possible.

Over the last year, we have changed our lives in ways we had never even dreamed of. Looking back even one year ago, I know for certain that almost none of this was on our radar.

All along the way, we were never sure of the steps we took. There was little certainty that any of this was possible. But we kept taking small steps forward, and here we are.

And while there have been some delays and frustrations and discomfort and second-guessing, we are more certain of our future and what it will hold for us, because we have chosen it ourselves.

And we’re still not even 100% sure it’s possible.

But we continue to take a small step, each week, each day towards that future.

We have no idea what we we are doing, and it’s messy and uncomfortable.

My life is almost unrecognizable today from what it was one year ago. And these are just a handful of the hundreds of small changes and new realities that are now my life.

And I can trace back the lineage of changes back to that one fateful day, and that one time I decided to explore what might be possible for me.

I decided to look outside of my comfort zone, look outside of my reality, and it was messy, and hella uncomfortable.

I wasn’t sure what was possible, and I would have never dreamed it was this.

So I ask you today: What is one small change or step you can take? What life could be waiting for you?

You’ll never be sure it is possible until you take that brave small step and make it a reality.

P.S. Too often, your inner critic is the loudest one in your head. It tells you that even small changes are a bad idea, that no matter what you do, you’ll be unsuccessful. I know what this is like because my Inner Mean Girl held me back too.

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