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On this episode of Mind Over Motherhood, I sat down with Sabrina Greer of You’ve Got This, Mama to talk about all things finding clarity in the chaos of motherhood, how to create an aligned business and kick mom guilt to the curb.

This episode is AMAZING and SO PACKED with value that I cannot WAIT to share it with you.

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finding clarity in the chaos with sabrina greer of you've got this mama

Sabrina Greer a.k.a. The BRAIN Baby Doula—has a mission to help as many moms as humanly possible, live their best lives. Free of judgment, mom-shaming and mom-guilt. You can wear the many hats of motherhood AND still have your own identity and dreams. Sabrina is the OG Boss Mama and is an incredibly successful entrepreneur.

Sabrina is the Owner and Founder of You’ve Got This Mama and YGT Mama Media Co (Media + Publishing Company). She is the author of 4 bestselling books, a 5-star rated podcast host (You’ve Got This, Mama the Podcast, a 5x bestselling author, a Clarity Coach and is a BUSY mom of 3 young boys. Sabrina has helped hundreds of struggling moms, rediscover their identity and purpose outside of motherhood. She turns chaos into clarity in her four month 1:1 coaching program. YGTMama also hosts the bi-annual Boss Mama Mastermind that is designed for motivated mamapreneurs to start, scale and grow their businesses

As if she wasn’t amazing enough, she does all of this with an 8 month old puppy and 12 egg-laying hens from her rural acreage in Ontario.


Sabrina is my own coach and has been a huge role model for me from the start of my own business. I was so honoured to sit down with her and share her infinite wisdom and how to find clarity in the chaos with my listeners.

Sabrina’s journey into entrepreneurship began when she took her maternity leave from a corporate career and built a 6-figure sales team in a network marketing company in under one year. With a taste of what it felt like to be the architect of your own life, she never looked back to corporate work and never will.


Sabrina provides a real-life take of what it is like to be a mother and an entrepreneur. She is honest about the truth of mamapreneurship and how important it is to be flexible in this journey. She shares that entrepreneurship is very similar to motherhood – there’s no instruction manual, every single business is different (just like every single child), and you have to wing it. It’s all about figuring it out as you go.

So if you’re just jumping into entrepreneurship and feeling that you’re not prepared, know that YOU ARE.

Motherhood and entrepreneurship are so similar. You’re actually SO experienced in the skills you need to have to be successful in entrepreneurship. The skills are transferable between the two fields – and being an entrepreneur and a mom IS possible!

Similar to each mother being the expert in parenting her own child, you are also the expert in creating a business that will work for you. The process is very similar and you are more equipped than you think to be the expert curator of your life.

That moment that you realize “I’m the only one that knows what is best for me,” is the moment that you realize you are the expert of your own life.

Finding clarity in the chaos with Sabrina Greer | Mind Over Motherhood Podcast


When we become mothers, our priorities change dramatically. It’s inevitable and required. Motherhood changes our lives a lot – our schedules, our responsibilities, etc. Your life now needs to be planned around that child.

When you have this transition, your priorities around work will also shift – and that’s OK. The things that were maybe once important to you might not be anymore, and that’s OK.

The first piece of advice Sabrina has for moms + aspiring entrepreneurs is to get rid of all of the “shoulds.” As moms, we are inundated with advice and what we “should” be doing, whether in our roles as mothers or in business.

Stop “should-ing” yourself. Instead of doing what others think you “should,” Sabrina encourages her clients and our listeners to start by examining your own values and priorities first. Whatever that “should” is, is not the right answer for you.

So start by digging deep – because the one thing that will never change – are your values.

What do you stand for? Is it helping other people? Is it creating time or financial freedom?

What are your core values? Service? Freedom?

What are your non-negotiables in your life and business?


Instead of taking a “cookie-cutter” business and forcing it to fit in to your life, start with your skills, values and priorities and create a business around that.

In Sabrina’s words, you can monetize almost anything – so start inside of you and bring out the best, then build your business around that.

Carly Crewe | Mindset Coach for Mompreneurs | Anxiety + Mindset Coach for Moms + Mompreneurs | Business Mindset Coach for Moms


Sabrina also shared with me the importance of being intentional with what influences and energies you are surrounding yourself with. Be intentional about what you are filling your mind and space with on a regular basis.

It’s important to create and curate your interpersonal space – you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with or surround yourself with.

Relationships change and it is OK and important to curate a group of support and friends that are aligned with your goals and vision for your life. It’s OK to out-grow relationships. It’s OK that your old circle of friends is not the same group you’re around right now.

Be intentional about who you spend your time with and what you fill your mind with.

If someone is doing what you want or has a business that you admire, surround yourself with them. This may look like listening to their podcast or reading their book. It may even look like working with them so you can have their direct influence in your business and life.

The more you surround yourself with people who are doing what you want to do, the more their habits and mindsets will trickle down to how you show up.

Finding clarity in the chaos with Sabrina Greer | Mind Over Motherhood Podcast


No matter what we do outside of actual “mothering”, it will inevitably take time away from our children. Whether it’s working outside of tthe home, or building an online business while working at home, it all requires time away from our children. Almost inevitably, this brings with it the reality of mom guilt.

Especially early on in business, many women feel guilt around taking time away from their children when their business may not be “legit” or be making money yet. In Sabrina’s work with moms, the #1 challenge she identifies in her clients is mom guilt.

First of all, it’s important to realize that mom guilt is related to your mindset.

If you LOVE the work you’re doing, if building your business lights you up and brings you joy, it is important. It is self-care to do things that make you feel fulfilled and this is important work.

On the flip side, if you feel as though you are obligated to work and take time away from your child, you will feel guilty every single time. It’s all about your mindset and perspective. Instead of “having” to work, what if you were able to shift and feel gratitude that you “get” to do the work you love? Doesn’t that feel better?


Sabrina also shares her insights on being intentional with your time, avoiding multitasking and using time-blocking as ways to further mediate mom guilt.

If you’re in the online business space, it is likely that you spend a lot of time on your phone or on social media as that is where your business exists. The danger of this is that we often can waste way too much time on our phones and lose valuable time being present with our children.

Furthermore, your child doesn’t know the difference between you scrolling on social media versus working on your business. Therefore, instead of mindlessly engaging in your phone for extended periods of time, be very intentional about your approach to being on your phone.

Use Sabrina’s 10-20-60 strategy to use your time most effectively and intentionally while working at home with your kids:

10 MINUTES – Use this time for social media. Set a timer. What intention do you have with going on social media? Are you going to respond to messages on IG? Are you going to engage with followers? Create a story? Write a post?

20 MINUTES – Put your phone down. Set a timer. Take 20 minutes to intentionally be present with your children. Playing with your children for 20 minutes goes SO far for both them and you. They have your undivided attention and you have less guilt.

60 MINUTES – Work on your business more intentionally. Take one hour to write a blog post or edit a podcast episode.

You HAVE to hear my discussion with Sabrina about MULTI-TASKING and why it is a TERRIBLE habit for moms!

Carly Crewe | Mindset Coach for Mompreneurs | Anxiety + Mindset Coach for Moms + Mompreneurs | Business Mindset Coach for Moms


  • Your beliefs around needing to be eternally available for your child and why they’re false
  • Using visual timers for children to help you find more time to work on your business while your children are around
  • Changing your language around “can’t” and “won’t” regarding managing your time
  • Examining all of the “not enough” beliefs that you have that are keeping you from pursuing your dreams.
  • Why you can literally DO ANYTHING but that you DON’T HAVE TO if you don’t want to.
  • How to create your business from a place that feels good and build from a place of abundance
  • Don’t focus on the HOW things will work out – Focus on the WHY with some valuable tools provided in this episode!


There is so much value in this episode and if you’re interested in learning more from Sabrina about how to find clarity in the chaos and learn more about the truth about mamapreneurship, you should absolutely check Sabrina out.

Connect with Sabrina on LinkedIn and Instagram.

You’ve Got This Mama @ https://www.ygtmama.com/

Thanks for listening!

Carly Crewe | Mindset Coach for Mompreneurs | Anxiety + Mindset Coach for Moms + Mompreneurs | Business Mindset Coach for Moms