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On this episode of Mind Over Motherhood, I sat down with Tania Moraes-Vaz of Warrior Life Creative Co. to talk about owning your story and living an aligned life.

Tania and I had such a soul-filling discussion on owning your story and living an aligned life.

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Mind Over Motherhood Podcast: Living an Aligned Life with Tania Moraes-Vaz 

Tania is a woman of many capes—wife to a wonderful man who is her rock and love, mom to an intuitive and spirited almost four-year-old son, a creative maven, and a visionary at heart. She is a multi-best-selling author, founder of her two brands—The Holistic Warrior Life Co and Warrior Life Creative Co, and host of The Holistic Warrior Life Podcast.

Tania graduated with a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Waterloo and found her way back to this soul-calling through a series of “yes”-ventures in the world of writing and publishing. Avidly passionate about holistic health and personal development, she is also a certified Reiki Master (RM) and NLP coach and a soon-to-be certified holistic nutritionist.


An entrepreneur at heart, Tania knew deep within that she was not meant for the corporate grind and needed to live a life by design.

Her PCOS diagnosis, and her journey into motherhood almost four years ago catalyzed her first steps into what would become a multi-faceted business that merged all her passions together—visual art, writing, events, and mentorship—to help women express themselves.

If you’re interested in learning what owning your story really means and how it’s the key to living an aligned life, you’ll love this episode.


The connection between all of the coaches we work with, the businesses we buy from, the purchases we make and the choices we make in the world is connection and storytelling.

A lot of the time, women and mothers have a story that has been ingrained in them by society: you get a job, you get married, have children. This story informs the decision we make in our lives and the way we shape our own journey.

Up until recently, there hasn’t been a whole lot of discussion about what happens after: there has been a lack of story around what else a woman can do and how multifaceted she can be. There has been little discussion and story about the dreams that still exist behind the scenes.

Luckily, we have moved forward into a new paradigm where women are being encouraged to own more aspects of their story and create lives that are more aligned with what is true to them, rather than what society tells them to do.

Owning your story means looking deep inside of yourself, all of the mish-mash of experiences that have brought you to where you are today, and creating a life (and business) that not only expresses that, but supports you and can help others through the sharing of that story.




Owning your story is vital for feeling aligned and purposeful in your business, but it’s also the way that the most successful brands become successful. People buy from brands that they have a connection with, and connection comes from story.

Think about your favourite brands. What do you love about them? What about the brand speaks to you and calls out to you?

Do you love a certain coach because of her life experience, because of the hardships she has seen and overcome?

Do you buy a certain brand because their mission and story is one of being an underdog and supporting others?

The reality is, humans buy and engage with brands that they feel that they have a connection with. So how can you uncover and own your own story?

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Whether it’s Brene Brown, Danielle Laporte or Gabby Bernstein, these women are examples of how using the power of storytelling and owning your story is vital to building your audience, increasing trust and creating an authentic connection to your customers. These women have built their livelihood and impact through vulnerability.

Vulnerability is key to creating connection in our lives and businesses. In order to become vulnerable, we need to really come to terms with our own story, both the good and the bad.

Your entire life experience, the good, the bad, the gory – you need to acknowledge and accept all of it. You must move to a place of emotional acceptance of anything you have gone through in order to lean on that experience without re-traumatizing yourself.

From this place of acceptance, you can take whatever knowledge you learned from those experiences and translate it into something that you can either help yourself or others.

You cannot change what happens in your story but you can use the wisdom of each experience you have had, no matter how painful, to help yourself or others in some way if it feels right to you.



The reality in today’s entrepreneurial world is that many coaches, business and brands are all doing a LOT of the very same thing. In fact, very often new coaches and entrepreneurs will see many people doing what they want to do and feel that the market for that offering is too saturated to be successful.

It is critical to realize that it is your unique story that makes you and your business unique.

No one person has experienced your same struggles.

No one has felt the success of your wins like you have.

No one understands your story from the inside.

It is the basis of your unique story that is the foundation of connecting with your audience in a way that is unique to you.

If you’re sitting at home feeling that you have nothing to offer the world, no edge to be successful in an online space, realize that owning your story IS your edge.

For anyone who is brand new and diving into creating a business, unsure where to start, Tania recommends diving into your story. Reflect back on your own life and what you have been through to uncover your story.


What are common things in your life that people come to you to help them with?

What are the breadcrumbs that have been connecting all of the parts of your life?

Look back into your childhood, what are some of the things that you LOVED to do?

What did you gravitate to the most in your early years?

Did you love creating things? Helping people?

The beautiful thing about entrepreneurship and the time and space we are living in is that there is no defined “right” way to build a business. You truly can dig down deep into your own story and uncover the pieces and breadcrumbs that you can build a business around that is unique to you.

In both life and business, it is imperative to be aware of and manage your energy always because the world operates in an energy in = energy out relationship.

Whether it’s in your role as a mom or as an entrepreneur, if you are living in a low energy state, you can expect to get low energy returns from the environment.

This is why it is so imperative to be consistently auditing and managing the energy that is coming into your life. In conversations with relatives, business transactions or even clients that you hire, it is important to become aware of, lean into and honour the sense you are getting about the energy of that situation.

Alignment feels good. If something in your life or business feels icky or deep down inside, you feel that a situation is not aligned with the energy you are trying to remain in or project, it is important to leave it behind.




  • The power of WORDS in creating your reality. How do you talk about yourself or your business? How do you talk TO yourself? Are you using empowering and positive language, or are you constantly speaking with words that convey scarcity or fear?
  • How to step into your full energy and power, claim your genius and authentically charge for what you are WORTH.
  • How important it is to identify and process your money story.
  • The importance of energy in your MONEY story.
  • How to own your genius and avoid self-sabotaging behaviour – tips from Carly and Tania.



It was an absolute pleasure to feature Tania on Mind Over Motherhood and I strongly encourage you to reach out to Tania! 


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