Finding Balance In Motherhood And Business With Julie Cass

August 20, 2020

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Welcome back to Mind Over Motherhood!

On this week’s episode of Mind Over Motherhood, I chatted with Julie Cass, CEO of The Positive Change Group all about finding balance in motherhood and business.

Julie and I discussed so many concepts of importance to mothers and entrepreneurship – from self-care to boundaries, living during a pandemic and having a deep connection to your inner self, we covered it all.

I can’t wait to introduce you to Julie!



Julie Cass is a successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker and Certified Health, Business and Mindset Coach.

She is also a yoga instructor, wife and mother of two children and 3 step children.

Julie is the founder and CEO of The Positive Change Group, that works with ambitious leaders and entrepreneurs to grow and scale their business in a simplified and holistic way.

Julie believes that anyone can achieve success and true success is when you are thriving in all areas of your life.



Julie’s Story: Building A Business Without Losing Yourself

    • Julie’s passion is to help women build the career and business they want while still achieving inner balance and thriving at home and at work.
    • Julie started her first business in her 20s and quickly scaled that business to 7 figures, but unfortunately this was at a huge cost to her wellbeing and she admits she lost herself in the process.
    • Since then, Julie has become committed to unpacking the limiting beliefs that success requires hustle and sacrifice.
    • After becoming a mother, Julie began working in her family business and was able to scale it to an 8-figure business (!!!) working only 4 days per week, proving that it is possible to thrive in both business and motherhood (without sacrifice).


The Power Of The Pandemic:

  • Although most of us are miserable about the pandemic happening, Julie shares that there have been some silver linings to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Specifically, the viral pandemic has forced us to do a calendar cleanse and rid our days of almost everything. This allows us to be mindful + intentional about what we add back in. Being careful and intentional about what we put back onto our calendar allows us to be in control of how we spend our time and energy.
  • The pandemic has also highlighted the importance of intentional self-care. There is no better time to support yourself with quality self-care and boundaries than during this time, when our stress levels are higher than many people are used to.


Looking Inside Rather Than Out For Happiness

  • So often, we believe that we will be happy when we reach a certain milestone or when our partner does a certain thing, we pay off a debt or we buy a house.
  • Julie and I discussed how chasing happiness and always waiting for the next thing to “be happy” is setting us up to be chronically disappointed.
  • Happiness is our birthright and it is imperative to be intentional about choosing to be happy where you are right now, making the most of the time that you are in right now and living in the moment.



Boundaries Are Potent Self-Care

  • In order to achieve true inner balance, it is imperative to establish healthy and firm boundaries, not only in our relationships, but with our time and energy.
  • Consider yourself the Manager of Your Life and protect and employ your resources correctly.
  • Julie shares that not only are boundaries important for our own wellness while building a business, but it is important to model healthy boundaries for our children.
  • Too often women live up to the expectations of everyone else but themselves. This causes them to give too much of themselves to things that do not fill them up or provide them with joy.
  • Take time regularly to do a boundaries audit and see if there are any leaks you need to firm up.



On Instagram: @thepostivechangegroup 




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