Fitness That Fits In Your Mom Life With Jennifer Nagel

August 26, 2020

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Welcome back to Mind Over Motherhood!

On this week’s episode of Mind Over Motherhood, I chatted with Jennifer Nagel all about fitness that fits in your mom life.

Often, when women talk about building muscle, it is usually in the context of aesthetics, but some of the best benefits of strength training have nothing to do with filling out a pair of jeans. Not only that, but often we don’t see the benefits enough to make it really fit into our busy lives.

In this episode, Jennifer and I dug deep into the health + mental benefits of resistance and weight-training, and how you can make fitness fit into your mom life.

So many of us have misconceptions about weight training and trust me, Jennifer totally changed my perspective in this episode!



Jennifer Nagel is a certified personal trainer and body transformation expert, specializing in helping high performing women over 30 transform their bodies and their lives.

I was so honoured to have Jennifer share her wisdom with me and my listeners on Mind Over Motherhood.



Jennifer’s Story:

  • Hearing Jennifer describe her journey gave me butterflies.
  • She shared her journey and transformation from burn out and being diagnosed with high blood pressure to health and transformation. 
  • Jennifer took her transformation even further when she transitioned from a stable high paying job at a university to online coaching and personal training.
  • Jennifer’s passion is to help moms who are busy, working hard and probably not taking care of themselves to realize their potential to live a life that is fulfilling, energetic and happy.

Body Transformation Is About More Than Just How We Look

  • Jennifer helps women transform their lives with fitness and exercise, but the transformation goes beyond our physical fitness and how we look.
  • She shares that weight training and strength training are great vehicles for increasing your self-confidence and sense of capability, the feeling that you can achieve anything. When you strength train and see yourself gaining strength each session, it is an excellent parallel for how your confidence grows as well.
  • The benefits of strength training are so much more than just feeling physically stronger and looking good. The combined power of exercise and nutrition helps you feel like you can conquer anything, be at the top of your game and be prepared for whatever life throws at you.
  • Feeling physically strong and building our physical stamina and strength also gives us more badassery (and that’s a technical term!)

Fitness That Fits: The Most Common Obstacles For Moms

  • Jennifer shared some of the most common obstacles that women come up against when starting a fitness or strength training routine:
  • Non-traditional schedules:
    • As moms (and working moms), we tend to have non-traditional schedules and our schedules can be quite variable. An exercise routine and fitness that fits into our lives has to be flexible and allow for adjustments, while still remaining consistent and effective.
  • Little kids at home
    • Having small children around also can throw our workout routines for a loop. Irregular sleep schedules or a lack of time to exercise because you have kids around all the time can be a barrier as well. Jennifer encourages moms to come up with creative ways to overcome this obstacle. Ideas include kid-swaps or working out together if possible (four eyes are better than two when it comes to kiddos being around). And exercising is always better with friends!
  • Money
    • Many women think they don’t have the money to invest in a personal trainer or gym membership. They often also think that they don’t have enough money to feed themselves well, or that eating healthy is expensive.
    • This is just not true! There are many creative options for both nutrition and fitness that don’t cost much!
  • Mindset
    • Jennifer shares that usually one of the biggest obstacles to fitness and exercise is that we either don’t know where to start or that starting a fitness routine can seem overwhelming or intimidating. Jennifer shared 6 of the basic strength training exercises that any woman can start her program with in this episode. She also shares it in a free tutorial on her website! (See below in Resources)
    • More often than not, women don’t believe they are valuable enough to invest in themselves and commit to making exericse and fitness fit in their life.


Jennifer Shares Some Tips For Fitness That Fits

  • The key to starting any new exercise routine is to start slow. Pick some basic exercises and start with a few sessions each week.
  • Jennifer also encourages women to be clear and specific about their goals. She further asks us to consider why are those goals important, and what impact will achieving those goals have on our lives?
  • The reality is that exercise and strength training is about so much more than physical strength – it’s about the true value of self-care. It’s also about prioritizing your health so that you can model healthy self-care behaviours for your children.

But Won’t I Get Big If I Weight Train?

  • Jennifer shared that a common misconception among women is that muscle building and strength training will make you bigger or heavier. In reality, she shares that in fact, muscle is more compact than fat and gives your body more shape and tone. Muscle also uses 3 times more energy than fat in the day – meaning our energy expenditure or metabolic rate is higher when we have more muscle on our bodies. This helps contribute to lean body mass and healthier body weight! It’s a win-win.
  • Furthermore, weight training strengthens our bone density, which is important for our bone health as we age.


  • Get Jennifer’s free strength training tutorial where she shares how to correctly perform the 6 basic strength training exercises mentioned in this episode! Click here.


On Instagram: @therealjennifernagel



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