Intuition And Energy With Tani Morgan

September 3, 2020

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Welcome back to Mind Over Motherhood!

On this week’s episode of Mind Over Motherhood, I’m sharing an interview with Tani Morgan, Spiritual Empowerment Coach for Female Entrepreneurs to talk about all things tapping into your emotional intelligence, learning to listen to your intuition and balancing masculine and feminine energy.

In doing this interview with Tani, I realized that I have not brought on enough guests to speak about the softer, more feminine aspects of life and business and I am SO honoured to have Tani on with me to share her wisdom.

I can’t wait to introduce you to Tani. You’re going to love her!



Tani Morgan is a Spiritual Empowerment Coach, Business Professor at the SWAT Institute, Yoga Teacher and the founder of TaniMorgan.com.

Tani has built multiple successful businesses that impact thousands of women every year.

Combining her business degree (B.Comm), her management experience in sales, customer service and advertising with her powerful intuition and spiritual practice, she now empowers women to discover their true purpose and feel confident in their unique gifts so they can build a soul-inspired business to create both income for their family and impact in their community.



  • BREAKING FREE FROM “THE SCRIPT” – Tani shares her personal story of how she came to realize she was meant to be a coach for women and how she has learned to lean on her spirituality and intuition to manifest her job as a coach, an unexpected but enlightening trip to Spain and even manifested a cheque to cover the cost.
  • EMOTIONAL EMPOWERMENT – Tani and Carly discuss The Map of Consciousness by David R. Hawkins, or the Emotional Vibrational Scale. This scale allows us to identify where we are vibrating at an emotional level and provides a roadmap for moving up the scale into a more positive, high-vibe emotion. Check out the resources below!
  • EMBRACING THE SACRED FEMININE ENERGY – Masculine and feminine energy exists in all of us. The masculine energy is one of productivity, strategy, organization and structure. The feminine energy is flowing, free and cyclical. It’s creative, playful and mysterious. Tani shares how women have been conditioned to reject or think negatively about the feminine energy that we all possess and Carly reflects on her own experiences with feminine and masculine energies. Tani shares how to bring your energies into balance and how doing so can bring more ease, flow and joy into both your life and business.
  • HOW TO TAP INTO AND TRUST YOUR INTUITION – Tani believes that all of us have intuition as our 6th sense, but that it has been forgotten. She helps women tap back into their deep inner knowing and she provides some exercises and suggestions on how to strengthen your connection to your intuition. By following the “soul nudges,” each of us can strengthen the trust in our own intuition and create miraculous things.





On Instagram: @tani_morgan


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