Surviving A Narcissist With Gina Sachkowski

October 1, 2020

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Welcome back to Mind Over Motherhood!

On this week’s episode of Mind Over Motherhood, I had the pleasure to have a raw and vulnerable conversation with Gina Sachkowsky, a mom of 3 and Physical Therapist from New Jersey. In this emotionally charged episode, we talked about Gina’s experience of surviving a narcissist.

Gina has been married to a toxic and narcissistic man for now 10 years, and has been going through a prolonged divorce process with her ex-partner for 2 years now.

Her experience is one that I believe too many women go through alone. I was so honoured when Gina was willing to share her honest and vulnerable account of her experience with me on Mind Over Motherhood.

Motivated to turn her struggle into something that can help others, Gina is now working to obtain her Life Coaching and NLP Certification. Her goal is to become a Divorce Mediator so she can help others through messy separations.

This conversation is so important. If you have ever wondered if you are in a narcissistic relationship, I highly encourage you to have a listen. 

Who is Gina Sachkowski?

Gina Sachkowsky is a mother of 3 and Physical Therapist from New Jersey. Gina found the strength to leave a 10 year marriage with a serial cheater and narcissist and is still going through a messy divorce process. She has used the power of faith and positivity to transform her life as a single mom.

Gina is a co-author with YGTMama Publishing Co in their upcoming co-authored project and is currently writing her own book to share her story to support others who may be in similar situations.

She believes that life is too short to not live out the life you imagine. Gina now seeks to inspire others to turn their struggles into opportunities for growth as well.

Gina’s journey of surviving a narcissist marriage and coming out stronger on the other side will inspire you.



    • Gina’s story will tug at your heartstrings. Despite her gut telling her for years that her husband was cheating and lying to her, Gina shared how her focus on doing what was right for her children and keeping her family together prevented her from leaving her marriage for many years.
    • Gina shared how her ex-partner would regularly manipulate and gaslight her into believing her gut feelings were “crazy,” and how this caused her to second-guess herself for years.
    • Have you ever wondered what it means to be a narcissist?
    • In this episode, Gina and Carly discuss what characterizes a narcissist and how to identify if you may be in a relationship with one.
    • We also discuss common strategies that narcissistic people will use to manipulate family and friends so that they can get their needs met.


    • Despite everything Gina has been through, she has worked hard to remain positive and reclaim her voice.
    • From daily gratitude practices and journaling, Gina shared the self-care strategies she has found to be so incredibly helpful in her journey of surviving a narcissist.
    • Carly and Gina discuss their perspectives on gratitude practices, why they are so helpful and how to incorporate them into your life to foster a positive mindset.

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