Making Divorce Easier With Anita Volikis

October 21, 2020

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Welcome back to Mind Over Motherhood!

This week, we’re continuing our conversation around relationships and looking at separation and divorce from a different lens.

Join me as I interview Anita Volikis, Divorce Coach and previous lawyer.

This was a very interesting conversation and I think anyone who is currently in the divorce process or is contemplating it should tune in.








  • WHAT IS A DIVORCE COACH? The benefits of working with a Divorce Coach when going through a divorce process

  • DO YOU NEED A DIVORCE COACH? The different yet complementary ways that a lawyer and divorce coach can help you during the separation process

  • CHANGING THE DIVORCE NARRATIVE:  So often the divorce and separation process are viewed as negative and shameful.

  • Women may feel that they should have “tried” harder or “stuck it out for their kids.” Anita shares how this narrative (often from family or societal stories we’re carrying) doesn’t serve those going through the process. If we can work to shift the narrative from being “an end of something” to “the beginning of something new” we can make the most of a challenging process.



  • The importance of mindset and realizing that your circumstances are neutral, it is how you react and respond to them that determines the outcome and your emotional experience.

  • Anita’s experience of transitioning from being a practicing family lawyer for 19 years to becoming a work-from-home online Divorce Coach and how you can reinvent yourself AT ANY TIME!

  • Carly and Anita share their experiences of working in professional consultant-type work and shifting into coaching, how that impacted their work with clients and how they keep themselves from falling into old patterns of advice-giving and consulting.

  • How powerful it can be to have a coach to work with you through the divorce and separation process, not only for yourself but for your family.



ON INSTAGRAM: @anitavolikiscoaching


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