The Power Of Intentional Self-Care With Jennifer O’Hare

October 21, 2020

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Welcome back to Mind Over Motherhood!

On this week’s episode of Mind Over Motherhood, I had an amazing conversation with Jennifer O’Hare from Love Me Free, a Movement.

We chatted all about the power of intentional self-care, the interaction between mental and physical health and what it means to be in alignment with your values.

This was such a fun conversation and I can’t wait for you to meet Jennifer.







  • JENNIFER’S JOURNEY: From successful perfectionist to depressed, overwhelmed and burnt-out mom of 3 – How Jennifer’s depression turned into an identity crisis, shifting her into more alignment with her values and purpose.

  • COPING STRATEGIES AND MOTHERHOOD: Motherhood causes an abrupt shift in the effectiveness of our coping strategies. The strategies that we once depended on successfully (and that worked well for our pre-mom lives) become no longer healthy or effective in motherhood. Jennifer and Carly share their own experiences with perfectionism and success, and how that set them up for a dramatic shift after becoming mothers.

  • What it means to be in alignment with your values, and the unexpected ways that being out of alignment can manifest in your life and in your body



  • THE INTERACTION BETWEEN MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH: From insomnia to weight loss, rashes and indigestion, our inner experience can manifest in bodily symptoms and upset if not identified and managed.

  • Carly and Jennifer discuss how important it is to be aware of the signals your body is telling you and how they may be linked to a deeper issue with your life’s alignment.

  • HOLISTIC SELF-CARE: Why we both feel the term “self-care” is overused and how important it is to define self-care in a way that is holistic, dynamic and responsive to your own needs. How being consistent and gentle with yourself is important to experience the benefits and for your self-care ritual to become a habit.

  • LOVE ME FREE, A MOVEMENT: Jennifer’s brand new quarterly subscription box and community membership launching in Fall 2020 for high-vibe, positive women and how it is the perfect translation of Jennifer’s skills and experience into a profitable and meaning-driven business idea.



On Instagram : @jennifero1 or @lovemefreeamovement


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