Building A Succesful Team In Business With Lara Schmoisman

October 28, 2020

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Welcome back to Mind Over Motherhood!

On this week’s episode of the podcast, I had the pleasure of chatting with Lara Schmoisman, CEO of The Darl, a boutique marketing agency. Lara shared her experience and expertise in online business and marketing, as well as shared secrets on how to build a successful team in business.

There is so much to learn from this episode, so read on or listen at the link below! You’re going to want to take notes!




Building a succesful team



    • From living in Buenos Aires working at a radio station to moving to Los Angeles and pursuing jobs in production, television and ultimately online business and marketing, Lara shared her own personal and unique journey of entrepreneurship.
    • Her boutique marketing agency The Darl helps entrepreneurs market their brands effectively online by leveraging the talents of nearly 30 employees around the world to build and execute marketing plans for their clients.
    • Lara shared the biggest factors contributing to her success as an entrepreneur and the success of The Darl:
      • Teamwork – With a team as large as Lara’s, it was inspiring to hear how connected everyone is and how much they keep in contact. The connectedness and cohesiveness of her team is what makes them work together so succesfullly.
      • Embracing Imperfection– Lara also shared the value of imperfection and vulnerability in leadership. She shared that even when you’re in charge of a team, it is important to be a part of the team and collaborate with them on the same level as often as possible. “You cannot connect with perfection.”
      • Fun – Lara shares that business shouldn’t be all work and no fun. Lara’s team runs a monthly challenge through Slack that is just for fun and helps her team stay connected.
    • It is important to “do your own thing” as an entrepreneur; your marketing strategy should be as unique as your brand.
    • Lara shares that entrepreneurs today are often overwhelmed with being on all of the platforms and “doing all of the things”.
    • She states that not all businesses should be on all platforms, and it’s important to reflect on what platforms might be most effective as marketing options for your brand. You don’t need to be on all of the platforms to market well, in fact it might hurt your brand to be on all the platforms and do them mediocre. It’s also important to know when it’s time to hire out or outsource so you can develop a team to help support you do your work best.



  • The beauty of imperfections and how important it is to turn what you believe to be weaknesses or imperfections into something positive. Lara shared how her accent had always made her feel like she would not be successful, and how she was able to shift and turn this into one of her brand characteristics.

  • Lara believes entrepreneurship and building a business as a mom provides an opportunity for children to be involved in the business as well. She often involves her teenage children in parts of her business from copy-writing to IT.

  • The secret of entrepreneurship, according to Lara. Tune in to learn what it is!



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