Embracing The Journey And Creating Spaciousness With Tania Moraes-Vaz

November 12, 2020

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Welcome back to Mind Over Motherhood!

In Episode 35 of Mind Over Motherhood, I had another amazing heart-to-heart chat with my good friend and editor, Tania Moraes-Vaz about embracing the journey of personal growth.

Some of you may recognize this creative maven from way back in Episode 14 of the podcast when we dove deep into alignment and owning your story.

We had so much fun recording that interview that we both knew we had to have a do-over for another episode. This time around, we talked about the importance of embracing the journey and trusting the process in life + business.


Embracing the Journey

Tania is a Self-Expression Expert, author, content creator, editor and podcast host who helps women uncover and express their unique story in a way that is compelling and authentic to them. She is a Creative Partner at YGT Mama Inc. and is the owner of her own creative writing agency, Warrior Life Creative Co., where she uses her zone of genius in writing + content creation to help inspired entrepreneurs focus on their zone of genius and leave the content to her.

In this episode, Tania and I continue our conversation around all things energetics, alignment and embracing the journey of personal growth. Tania shared insights into how to create spaciousness in your life for your own growth, how to ditch the need to know “how” everything will work out and trusting the process.

I would love to hear your takeaways from this episode!

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Embracing the journey



    • As a child, Tania was always creating, sharing and expressing herself.
    • While she briefly lost her way and found herself doing work that did not align with her for a period after she completed her degree, she gracefully found her way back to what she was meant for. Tania is now a creative partner for YGTMama Inc, a writer, content creator and the owner of Warrior Life Creative Co.
    • Tania shares the importance of embracing the journey and releasing the need to know “how” everything will work out. She encourages women to focus on trusting the process and doing what truly lights them up. It is important to trust that the rest will fall into place.
    • Carly and Tania share their advice for how to thrive as an entrepreneur. From being aware of and protecting your energy with boundaries, using your words and language with intention and leaning on others for support.
    • We discuss the importance of trusting your own intuition, discerning between what is a negative mindset vs. misaligned, and the importance of having someone who will hold space for your sh*t.
    • Tania shares that while entrepreneurship is amazing and creates unique personal development opportunities, it is not for everyone (and doesn’t need to be). It is OK if entrepreneurship isn’t for you!
    • Entrepreneurship is not only a way to make money but is a lifestyle, a sort of energetic exchange. This energetic exchange requires a high level of personal development and mindset work to be successful. It also requires us to get comfortable with embracing the journey and trusting the process.



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