Hey, There!
I’m Carly.


I am an MD Psychotherapist + Mindset Coach specializing in the treatment of mental health disorders in women.

With additional training in various psychotherapy techniques, integrative approaches, psychopharmacology and nutritional psychiatry, I provide a personalized, comprehensive and effective approach to the assessment, treatment and lifelong management of common mental illnesses in women and mothers.

When I’m not providing care to clients in my virtual mental health clinic Eunoia Medical, I enjoy spending time exploring nature’s playground and travelling with my husband and twin girls. I host the Mind Over Motherhood Podcast where I share mental health insights and mindset strategies for thriving in motherhood.

I’m so happy to have you here.

My Mission

“To empower women to step into their power so they can live lives of purpose, joy and peace rather than fear, obligation and guilt; to help them master their minds so they can have the life they dream of and deserve.”

I want to help you feel
like yourself again.”

Professional Bio


Dr. Carly Crewe is the mom to a set of fiery twin girls and an MD Psychotherapist specializing in the comprehensive assessment and treatment of mental health disorders in women. Dr. Crewe uses a diverse combination of modalities in her work including varied therapy modalities (CBT, DBT, interpersonal, solution-focused, etc), integrative approaches, psychopharmacology and nutritional psychiatry (using food as medicine.)

After becoming a mother and struggling with severe postpartum mental illness, Carly became passionate about women and maternal mental health. Carly is the Owner and Founder of Eunoia Medical, an innovative telemental health clinic for women, designed in the pursuit of a well mind. As a completely virtual platform, patients of Eunoia Medical can access high quality, personalized and effective therapies in the comfort of their own homes.

Carly was awarded the Outstanding New Professional Award in 2019 from the Alberta College of Family Physicians and is the host of the Mind Over Motherhood Podcast. Carly is a co-author in the Amazon Bestseller You’ve Got This, Modern Mama  and her solo book is scheduled to publish June 1, 2021.

Carly believes that as women, there are more than enough obstacles holding us back from the lives we crave and deserve. Our minds should not be one of them.


The forces of systemic racism, injustice and prejudice have devastating impacts on the mental health and lives of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour.

As a mental health professional, mother and human being, I commit to uncovering and challenging my own unconscious biases, as well as changing any practices that may inadvertently marginalize or negatively impact any person or group of people.

In order for all people of all identities to be mentally and physically healthy, systemic oppression and institutionalized racism must be called out and destroyed.

To my fellow humans in the BIPOC community, I stand in solidarity with you.

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