Hey, There!
I’m Carly.


I am an MD Psychotherapist + Mindset Coach specializing in the treatment of mental health disorders in women.

With additional training in various psychotherapy techniques, integrative approaches, psychopharmacology and nutritional psychiatry, I provide a personalized, comprehensive and effective approach to the assessment, treatment and lifelong management of common mental illnesses in women and mothers.

When I’m not providing care to clients in my virtual mental health clinic Eunoia Medical, I enjoy spending time exploring nature’s playground and travelling with my husband and twin girls. I host the Mind Over Motherhood Podcast where I share mental health insights and mindset strategies for thriving in motherhood.

I’m so happy to have you here.

My Mission

“To provide women with the knowledge, support and empowerment they need to manage their mental health and feel like themselves again.”

I want to help you feel
like yourself again.”

Professional Bio

Dr. Carly Crewe, MD is a mom to twin toddlers, modern day nomad and MD Psychotherapist specializing in women’s mental health. Dr. Crewe is the Founder and Owner of Eunoia Medical Clinic, an innovative and dynamic virtual microclinic that provides comprehensive treatment of mental health disorders in women.

Carly believes that when women are well, they have the power to heal and change the world. But to do all of that, they must first be well themselves. Her mission is to revolutionize women’s mental health care, from fragmented and haphazard to a holistic, comprehensive and integrated approach that meets every woman where she is and addresses the multidimensional reality of mental health.

Carly is an Amazon best-selling author and her viral poem “The Sled” has been shared over one hundred thousand times on social media. Her upcoming book, You Are Not Your Anxiety is currently available on presale, launching on Amazon on June 1, 2021. For women who are looking for an inclusive and supportive online community, Carly runs a monthly mental health membership called The Eunoia Collective. 

After the birth of her twins in 2016, Carly struggled with significant postpartum mental illness. Through therapy, mindset work, self-care and medication support, she was able to come out the other side armed with a myriad of strategies and approaches to help others.

Since then, she has and continues to expand her therapy skill set to assist women in even more ways. Carly has worked with hundreds of women both in-person and virtually and is often sought out as “the doctor who specializes in anxiety.”


The forces of systemic racism, injustice and prejudice have devastating impacts on the mental health and lives of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour.

As a mental health professional, mother and human being, I commit to uncovering and challenging my own unconscious biases, as well as changing any practices that may inadvertently marginalize or negatively impact any person or group of people.

In order for all people of all identities to be mentally and physically healthy, systemic oppression and institutionalized racism must be called out and destroyed.

To my fellow humans in the BIPOC community, I stand in solidarity with you.

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