for the woman who is meant for more.

leadership coaching + empowerment movement

We believe healed and empowered women will change the world. 

We know that making our world a better place for our children and families starts with how we choose, heal and remain loyal to ourselves first. 

We believe in making bold moves, walking with fear, leaning into discomfort and sourcing strength from within. 

We believe in authenticity, honesty and integrity. Our inner world and outer expressions are aligned and congruent. 

We believe in the power of sisterhood and community, that we are stronger together, through vulnerability, shared experiences and collective wisdom. 

We believe resources, wealth and power in the hands of women is good for the world.
We reject narratives of perfectionism, self-sacrifice, patriarchal conditioning and anything that ties our inner worth to external measures of achievement or striving. 

We take radical responsibility for ourselves, lead ourselves and choose ourselves first. 

We are heart-centred, mission-led and empowered. 

We write our own stories. 

We are BraveHer.

our manifesto

We are BraveHer.

Below are the programs and experiences we currently available for you to plug in, depending on where you are in your personal journey.

we believe that every woman deserves access to resources + support to step into her fullest power.

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a space of courage, vulnerability + connection

a space of courage, vulnerability + connection

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year long mental health membership for women

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High level 1:1 mentorship for the woman who wants back-pocket support.

1:1 Mentorship

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