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How to talk to your family about your mental health

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Have you ever tried to talk to your family about your mental health and it didn’t go so well? 😧 Perhaps you have felt unsure about how to go about discussing your mental health symptoms or you haven’t had a good response in the past. This is unfortunately too common. It’s something I hear from […]

How to Talk To Your Family About Your Mental Health

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How Anxiety is Generated in the Brain


How Anxiety Is Generated in the Brain.

My anxiety controls me. My anxiety is terrible and out of control.  My anxiety is worse than everyone else’s. My anxiety is unpredictable. Have you ever thought any of these things? If you have, you’re not alone. Trust me, I work with a LOT of women who struggle with anxiety and mental health symptoms. I […]

How You Think About Your Anxiety Matters


On this week’s episode of Mind Over Motherhood, I am explaining some methods on how to change your mood when you’re feeling low. Read on to learn more about this!   If you struggle with anxiety and mood changes, you may want to download my 3 Natural Ways to Improve Your Mood That May Surprise You! […]

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