Journey to Calm

An Anxiety Management Course for Moms

Are you sick of feeling worried, anxious and on-edge all of the time?

Do you feel experience relentless overthinking and worry?

Do you feel like you just can’t shut your brain off?

Do you struggle with powerful emotions such as anger, guilt or overwhelm?

Are you ready to get your anxiety under control so you can finally be the calm mom you’ve always wanted to be?

Are you ready to start your own Journey To Calm?

It’s time to do motherhood on your own terms.

Are you ready for real change,
on your own schedule?

Journey to Calm: An Anxiety Management Course for Moms is a comprehensive, online course to move you from overwhelmed and anxious to calm and in control.

Motherhood is hard enough without it being made more challenging by relentless anxiety, constant overthinking and panic attacks and difficulty sleeping.

This course is includes nearly every strategy and concept I provide to my 1:1 and group coaching clients, packaged into a self-study program that can be done at YOUR PACE and on YOUR SCHEDULE.


Anxiety Management for Moms, by a Mom

14 Learn about anxiety.

Learn where anxiety comes from, what the purpose of it is and how it impacts your mind and function. By re-framing how we view our anxiety, we become empowered to overcome it.

14  Self-care for anxiety.

Self-care is critical for anxiety management. Learn how to create a self-care routine that is designed to monitor, track and manage your anxiety on an ongoing basis. Overcome barriers, banish guilt and make time for you.

14   Overcome anxious thoughts.

Learn powerful thought management strategies to combat overthinking, rumination and irrational worries. Learn about false thinking patterns and the role they play in anxiety.

14   Manage powerful emotions.

Guilt, anger and overwhelm are some of the most powerful, uncomfortable experiences we face as mothers. Learn actionable strategies for managing these emotions in the moment.

14   Create a system to support your wellness.

Practice new skills and integrate the habits and tools learned in the course to create an ecosystem in your life that supports your wellness for lasting change.

14    Master your mindset.

Combine doctor-proven strategies with evidence-based tools in one comprehensive yet manageable online course designed for busy moms. Study at your own pace and integrate the changes as you need them.

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Praise for Journey To Calm

 I REALLY enjoyed the Journey to Calm course so much! I enrolled in the course to get a better handle on my anxiety.
The course was attractive as you are a fellow mom who understands, as well as backed by the science of your medical experiences.
I liked the idea of a course that I can work through at my own pace, with activities and a plan to work towards.
Going through the course material, I couldn’t help but think that my moms group friends would benefit from the course, since we’ve had discussions about similar things time and again. I already forwarded the info to them!!!
It was a very valuable course, and the price point was well-worth the materials.
The journal prompts summarize everything very nicely, and the graphics in the videos are so pretty!!!

I feel A LOT more confident. Come at me, Anxiety!

Lauren O.

Through working with Carly, I realized that I had been managing my anxiety with smoking for 35 years. Once I quit, my anxiety was running my life and I didn’t know where to turn or what to do. I have shared much of what I have learned from Carly in this course with my daughters in hopes to help them change their passive patterns as well. I cannot change my past but I can change their future. The most useful part of the course was the importance of checking in with myself, leaning in to hear what my anxiety is saying rather than trying to wish the “purple elephant” away. Also, the importance of a conscious self care routine. I used to randomly do things for myself not really thinking of it that way; but now that I am aware I am taking that walk/jog for my physical,
as well as my mental health it makes it so much more important & necessary! 

Since finishing Journey To Calm, I feel more confident managing my anxiety. I’ve got this!

Susan P.

What were you struggling with before doing Journey to Calm?

I had been experiencing both depressive and anxiety symptoms in motherhood; anxiety more notably.  I found myself becoming more irritable and frustrated sometimes to the point of anger, and more pronounced during stressful times in life.  As the mother of two young children (aged 1 and 3), I had never expected to feel such strong emotions and out-of-control at times. Lashing out my husband for things he cannot control and becoming angry with my toddler were things that I did not want to be remembered for.  I did not want this to continue. 

What did you find was the most helpful in the course?

The module on Managing Powerful Emotions was the most helpful to me.  The point about being caught up in strong emotions and how we need to survey the thoughts we are telling ourselves and the story we may be caught up in was a lightbulb moment for me.  

The Self- Care module was also very valuable to me.  I had been working on my self-care routine for a good year, but taking this course has drilled home that during more stressful times I need to plan and prepare for even more self-care time. I can now enjoy this time to myself guilt-free knowing that it is improving my mood and is absolutely necessary to manage my anxious tendency.

What changes or breakthroughs have you had since taking the course?

I had a breakthrough moment during the discussion on Anger.  Carly made a great point that has helped me to understand that it is natural to become more irritable with a child that is constantly pushing boundaries as a way to learn rules and obligations.  This was a breakthrough moment for me because quite often I feel guilty with this child for constantly pushing my buttons, when in fact any other human being would feel that tension, and that perhaps I need to set firmer limits and expectations with that child as a more positive, loving way to discipline.  LOSE THE GUILT!

What would you say to someone who was on the fence about registering in the course?

I would definitely encourage them to enroll in the course because Carly is the real deal.  She is a working mother, faithful wife, self-care Champion, caring friend, hard-working colleague, and has been through all the ups and downs of raising small children.  She has been through the peaks and troughs of anxiety and is now on the other side and is able to really help others through their own struggles. The information offered in this course is verbalized in such a loving, calm way, and is both genuine and professional.  In addition, the tools provided really are valuable for taking the reins of your own journey to calm.

This is great value for your money.

Emily E.

Currently closed.

Are you ready to finally do motherhood on your own terms?

Journey to Calm compiles the most powerful lessons and strategies I teach
into a practical, manageable and effective system to help you overcome relentless anxiety,
manage powerful emotions and finally become the calmer,
more present and more joyful mother that you have always wanted to be.


This course is for you if…

You are sick of fighting with racing thoughts and feeling on edge all of the time.

You are self-motivated and know given the right tools, you can reclaim control and feel like YOU again.

You are committed to getting your anxiety under control so you can be the mother you have always wanted to be.

You have anxiety and are looking for drug-free, life-long strategies for getting your anxiety under control.

You want to learn how to genuinely prioritize your own self-care and find time for yourself.

You want to actually enjoy spending time with your children and be a more present mother.

You’re struggling but not sure if you’re ready to take the leap with coaching.

You are sick of feeling worried, overwhelmed and anxious all of the time.

This course is NOT for you if…

  • You are looking for a “quick fix” for your anxiety and not willing to take the time to learn, practice and integrate new skills and strategies.
  • You are looking for individualized coaching for your specific situation.
  • You are looking for advice regarding medical or medication management of mood disorder.
  • You are severely depressed, experience debilitating panic attacks or are having self-harm or suicidal thoughts. (If this is the case, please seek emergent medical assessment.)

Waitlist Only.

My Approach


As a mother of twins, I know first-hand the joys, struggles and emotional roller-coaster of motherhood. I know how easy it is to lose yourself in caring for others and the challenge of taking time for yourself.


I utilize my professional experience as a family doctor working with individuals who struggle with all sorts of mental health concerns to help you develop healthier thinking habits, overcome distressing emotional patterns and create effective and drug-free solutions for overcoming insomnia.


I practice evidence-based coaching methods informed by Whole Person Coaching philosophy to help you discover your inner resources and create sustainable, unique solutions that actually work in your life.

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