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Carly is a MD Psychotherapist and an expert in women's mental health.

Carly Crewe, MD is a mom to twin toddlers, modern day nomad and MD Psychotherapist specializing in women’s mental health. Dr. Crewe is the CEO and Owner of Eunoia Medical Clinic, an innovative and dynamic virtual clinic that provides comprehensive treatment of mental health disorders in women by an extraordinary team of female family doctors.

Carly hosts the 5-star rated Mind Over Motherhood Podcast where she shares practical and down-to-earth insights on all things mindset, motherhood and mental health. Dr. Crewe is an Amazon best-selling author and her book You Are Not Your Anxiety is currently available on CarlyCrewe.com and online retailers worldwide. As a mental health consultant and content creator, Dr. Crewe contributes to various online publications and works with health authorities across the country.

After the birth of her twins in 2016, Carly struggled with significant postpartum mental illness. Through therapy, mindset work, self-care and medication support, she was able to come out the other side armed with a myriad of strategies and approaches to help others. Carly now calls a 31 foot RV “home” with her husband Ryan, twin girls and 2 rescue dogs.

Carly has worked with hundreds of women both in-person and virtually and is often sought out as “the doctor who specializes in anxiety.”

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Canadian Society of Combined Lab and X-Ray Technologists Annual Conference
Keynote: It's OK to Not Be OK (and Other Pandemic Truths) - April 2021

The Pandemic Fog: Why Are We So F*cking Tired and What Can We Do About It?
Online Paid Webinar with Dr. Jody Carrington - June 2021

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— Ranessa Guo, Co-President, Canadian Society of Combined Lab and X-ray Technologists

Carly's ability to empathize and engage with the audience was incredible! Her honesty, vulnerability, and empathetic approach to discussing mental health was so refreshing. She made members feel understood, appreciated, and safe to be vulnerable themselves. I can't thank Carly enough for being our keynote speaker and infusing such a refreshing, honest energy into our group of wonderful but tired technologists. Many many, MANY thanks!!

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