A comprehensive membership program for women who struggle with health symptoms and are ready to learn effective strategies to manage their mood in a sustainable way so they can feel consistently good.

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But nothing has really worked yet. 

You've talked to your doctor and maybe you've even tried meds for a few months. 

You've researched online and dabbled in meditation, but it didn't stick.
You even saw a therapist for a while, but it didn't seem to do much for you. 

And to be honest, when you're good - you're really good. You wonder if you really need to do "anything" at all. But then those bad days roll around and you are kicking yourself for letting all your good habits slip. It's lonely trying to figure it all out on your own and piecing things together.

It's time for a new way.

i see you...

You've tried a lot of things to help yourself feel better.

With monthly calls, challenges and an ongoing community conversation - you're held accountable to work on your mental health but not pestered (which is key!)

be empowered + held accountable

Our small-but-mighty sisterhood of women are ready to lift you up on the hard days and celebrate your wins. You're never alone here.

we add support + community

You need to know about how your brain works and some practical + effective ways to work with it, so you can change your thinking to change how you feel. 

learn what works

Here's the 3 step plan you need:

Each month, a brand new video course will be released to your membership portal on a high-yield mental health topic.

In our monthly mini-courses, you will learn what you really need to know to feel better (without the fluff!)


Connect with our inclusive, safe and positive community to get support when you're feeling low and celebrate your wins.

No one should have to do this on their own. Our community is the centre of our membership.

be supported

Monthly Laser Coaching and Connection Calls are available to all of our members in The Eunoia Collective.

You have access to monthly live calls for 1:1 support from Carly, coffee chats and more.

be empowered

But really, I'm just like you.

I combine my personal experience living with anxiety with my professional expertise and bring only the most practical, effective and down-to-earth information + support I can to my members inside of The Eunoia Collective. 

As a mom of twin 5-year-olds, a business owner, full-time rural doctor and regular human, I know the challenge of trying to stay on top of my mental health with a BUSY AF life. 

I also have learned that neglecting my mental health care does not do me or anyone very well - so I've created a sacred space to help hold us all accountable to staying consistent with our mental health habits.

And it's not only that - it's also your go-to resource for learning about mental health "stuff" that is relevant to you + your life (read below for our Mini-Course topics!)

meet  your host!

I'm Carly — MD Psychotherapist + resident mental health expert.

I've got a plan. I'll show you how.

it's time to quit the trial-and-error approach to improving your mental health

We are inherently social creatures, so we have to examine the role of our social ecosystem on your mental health. Exploring your relationships, your boundaries and communication skills provides insights into where we can improve your mental health.

connection matters

You have to understand why your brain thinks the way it does so that you can unlearn and relearn new patterns of thinking, learn effective cognitive tools and make your brain work for you rather than against you.

how you think matters

What we eat, how we take care of our bodies, and how we think about our bodies impacts our mental health. Let's evaluate the biological influences on your mental health like food, movement and sleep.

your body matters

The Eunoia Approach

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The Eunoia Approach informs all of our work in The Eunoia Collective.

If you had a clear roadmap to finally feeling like yourself again, so you can stop wasting time with patched-together strategies?

If you had the support of an incredible sisterhood of women who were all on the same path as you, working hard to improve their mental health right alongside you?

If you could access a special, sacred community so you could feel seen, safe and supported (away from the noise and drama of social media)?

If you had on-demand access to courses and trainings from experts in mental health and wellness every single month?

What would it feel like...

"I have found a safe space full of women that are supportive and loving, women who do not judge me but instead catch me when I'm falling, encourage me when I feel I'm failing and support me when I feel I can no longer stand up on my own." — Cindi C.

"My experience in The Collective has been more than I ever could have imagined."

You need a place to be open + honest about how you are feeling, without fear of judgement or shame.

You want to show up for your life + family as the best version of yourself, but are lost on  how to do that exactly.

You want evidence-based advice + tools from a doctor and expert in women’s mental health that actually work.

You are ready to break the cycle of mental health ups and downs.

Is this right for me?

yes! i'm in

yes! i'm in

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Self-care seems like a tired and worn out topic but in this mini-course, Carly breaks down the self-care habits you need to really improve your mental health.

You'll learn what true self-care means, how to identify what activities help you feel your best, and how to create an effective and lasting routine that actually sticks.

You'll also learn about those pesky behaviours we do to make ourselves feel better (when they're really not that good for us - think over-scrolling, over-shopping or that nightly glass of wine.)

This course is available to you on the day you join the membership, and you can complete it at your own pace.

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Mindfulness is the foundation of good mental health. Perhaps you have heard about this "buzzword" before, but aren't completely sure how to implement it in your life.

In this course, you'll learn what mindfulness and meditation are, how to implement these habits into your life and how to avoid getting wrapped up in emotional stories. 

We'll learn valuable tools to identify + challenge your thoughts, learn the most common types of flawed thoughts and how to reduce them.

Finally, you'll learn how your brain really functions so you can use that knowledge to your benefit and work to keep your thoughts healthy and positive.

In this course, you'll learn how to manage those powerful emotions that make you feel so terrible! From overwhelm to guilt, anger to loneliness, negative emotions are a fact of life.

But they sure can cause a lot of distress in our life - especially if we are always trying to suppress, resist or avoid them. 

We will cover the basics of emotions, how to identify if your emotion is a valid response to a situation and how to regulate or change emotions when you need to. These are actionable skills that you can implement to get through your hardest moments.

One of the biggest complaints of the women I work with is feeling overwhelmed ALL THE TIME. 

In this course, you will learn what overwhelm really is, how to reduce how often you feel overwhelmed and what to do in those moments when you feel like your brain might explode.

From in-the-moment strategies to learning how to structure your life, schedule and to-do list to avoid feeling overwhelmed, this course will help you feel more in control, calm and on top of your life. Ahhh.

Anxiety is one of the most challenging symptoms many of my patients struggle with.

In this course, you'll learn invaluable strategies to reduce your anxiety life-long. We'll cover where anxiety comes from, the different ways anxiety is created in our brain and how we can work with our brain in practical ways to help us worry less and feel more calm. 

Drawing on guidance from my book "You Are Not Your Anxiety," this course will provide you with an understanding and approach to anxiety symptoms that will change your experience of anxiety for life.

Most women who struggle with their mental health also struggle to get the sleep they need.

The truth is: our sleep impacts our mental health so much, so if we're not sleeping well, everything feels so much worse.

In this mini-course, we cover what insomnia really is and how it's related to our mental health. We'll set up your space and routine to help optimize your sleep so you can make real improvements in your mental wellness.

What you eat impacts your mental health more than you know!

Drawing on my training in Nutritional Psychiatry (which uses food as medicine), I share how simple diet changes can help improve your mental health in surprising ways. 

We'll also talk about emotional eating and how we can work to listen better to our bodies, fuelling them for health and overall wellness.

Exercise is invaluable for mental health, but who wants to exercise when they're feeling like crap?

In this course, I'll review some simple + effective strategies to help you integrate more regular movement in your life to improve your mental health.

We're not talking about running a marathon or committing to a crazy spinning class. With some simple shifts in mindset, we can learn how to make it easier to harness this powerful mental health tool in your life on a regular basis.

Perfectionism and anxiety go hand-in-hand. Many of my clients don't realize how much perfectionism is impacting their lives.

In this course, we'll define what perfectionism actually is and how it impacts our lives (and mental health) in sneaky ways.

I'll share with you a system to identify + overcome perfectionism in your own life, as well as learn how to accept yourself no matter what.

Many of my clients struggle to be assertive and advocate for their own needs in healthy ways. As a result, many of them get stuck in passive, people-pleasing habits that leave them feeling resentful, bitter and exhausted.

In this course, I will share how people-pleasing is impacting your mental health and tangible strategies to become more assertive in your life.

This is invaluable so you can start to say "no" to what isn't right for you, so you can truly live the life you dream of. 

Be kind but have boundaries like a mother-f*cker.

This course will be the ultimate go-to guide for you to learn how to create healthy boundaries in your life.

We'll chat about what boundaries are, how to identify relationships that need better boundaries, how to decide what boundaries you need and how to put them in place in a confident and empowered way.

This course will bring together all of our learning from the previous 11 mini courses and help you to truly create a life that supports + enhances your mental health.

I'll also share my the most powerful tool I have to manage my mental health + how to implement it in your life.

Mini-Course Details

—Andrea L.

I signed up for the Collective without really understanding what it would be, and what I found was really incredible. The sense of community and support I give and receive from these amazing women, it makes such a difference in my confidence! I am stronger knowing that I have a place to share, vent, learn, and give back. It’s ok to not be ok, and to experience that as a group is more then I ever expected.

From our members...

What would it be like to have on-demand access to support whenever you needed it?

The Eunoia Collective is designed to not only help you build your mental health toolbox, but also to provide you with the support to lift you up and accountability to hold you to it. 

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Who you surround yourself with is everything. Our community is safe, supportive and inspiring.

supportive community

We host a monthly Laser Coaching Call, Connection Call and Accountability Call (in the Power level.)

monthly live calls

Each month, a new video course will be released on a high-yield topic for your mental health.
(Power level)

mental health mini-courses

What the membership offers...

Connect with your new group of besties anytime (off of social media!) within a convenient mobile app.

convenient mobile app


$77.77 usd/mo

* Annual membership. Paid monthly x 12 instalments.

+ Mental health mini-course each month 
+ Monthly Hot Seat Coaching Call
+ Monthly Connection Call
+ Monthly Guest Expert Training (live + recorded)
+ Access to safe, like-minded community of new best friends
+ Monthly challenges in the community
+ Convenient mobile application away from social media (huzzah!)

what's included

This is our highest level membership in The Eunoia Collective - providing an all-access pass to everything you actually need to help yourself feel better.

Collective Power Membership

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View our Terms and Conditions.


$33.33 usd/mo

*Annual membership. Paid in 12 monthly instalments. Read our Terms and Conditions.

+ Monthly Hot Seat Coaching Call
+ Monthly Connection Call
+ Monthly Guest Expert Training (live + recorded)
+ Access to safe, like-minded community of new best friends
+ Monthly challenges in the community
+ Convenient mobile application away from social media (huzzah!)

what's included

This membership provides access to our inclusive community, live calls and opportunity for 1:1 coaching with Carly each month. 

Collective Lite Membership

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—Allison G. 

My experience has been transformative. Maybe that sounds dramatic, but it's true! I joined in February a broken person, wallowing in shame, self loathing, anxiety and misery. I was buying into my own special story of how much I was alone and unworthy of time, from myself and others. I had given up on boundaries and was just barely surviving. 6 weeks of hard work, and being vulnerable and I'm seeing the shift. I'm feeling and seeing the progress.

From our members...

You hold yourself to high expectations.
You have accomplished a lot in your life.
But something doesn’t feel right.
And it drives you crazy.

What if there was a safe place for you to learn about everything your brain is telling you, how to change the bad habits you fight against and stay accountable to yourself?

What if you had access to an expert in women’s mental health to ask your questions, get coaching, strategies and support whenever you needed it?

I promise you, whatever you’re dealing with in your mind,
I have seen it, helped someone through it
and I can help you get through it too.

i know - you're fiercely independent.

You don't have to do it all on your own. 

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We offer two levels of membership in The Eunoia Collective.

Collective Power - This is our highest level membership and provides access to all areas of our community. The biggest asset to this level is the high-value monthly mini-courses that are released - available only to members in this level. You also get access to all other components of the membership. 

Collective Lite - In this membership level, you will have access to our community and live monthly calls, but not to the monthly mini-courses. This is a great level for women who are feeling that they know enough about what to do for their mental health, but they need the support + accountability to put it into practice. 

waiting list
waiting list

You can upgrade or downgrade your membership level at any time for the remainder of your annual membership. You are permitted to make an adjustment to your membership level one time only during your annual membership.  Please note that you will lose access to your mini-courses if you are downgrading from Power to Lite.  

The Eunoia Collective Membership is an annual membership, meaning your commitment is to yourself for one year from the date you sign up. Payments will be withdrawn from your account on a monthly basis until you stop them after a minimum of 12 payments. Be sure to read our Terms and Conditions.

As an online community, it is my absolute first priority that my members feel safe while participating.
The Eunoia Collective maintains a set of Brave Space Guidelines which holds all members to a strict standard of behaviour regarding discrimination, systemic oppression and confidentiality. Any member found violating these guidelines is removed from our community indefinitely and without notice. 

Currently our mini-courses are available only within the confines of The Eunoia Collective membership community. A membership to The Collective in the Power level is required to access this premium content. 

The Eunoia Collective is not a crisis/emergency mental health service.

If you are in crisis or feeling suicidal, you should immediately present to your local emergency department/health centre or contact a National Crisis Hotline:

In Canada: Crisis Services Hotline - 24 hour, immediate connection with a counsellor (English + French) - 1-833-456-4566 

In the USA: USA National Suicide & Crisis Hotline - 24 hours 1-800- 784-2433

If at any time a member feels unsafe or is at risk of harming oneself or others, they are strongly advised to present to their nearest emergency department for assessment and management.

If you have a question that is not answered here, please email us at coach@carlycrewe.com and we'll be happy to answer it!

Let's get those questions answered.


"Carly is a physician and coach who has invested a ton of time and money to become the best coach that she can be, and continues to invest in herself to her highest calling and change the world. She claims she doesn't know it all, but she also knows she is an expert. She is incredibly intelligent, divine and heart-centered. - Katrina S.

"She's going to change your life. She's going to change the world."

"I know this sounds cliche, but I have seen other therapists over the last 15 years and have never felt as heard, seen, and accepted as I do by Dr. Crewe. Every therapist I’ve had prior to Dr. Crewe has tried to fix me by trying to help me stop my uncomfortable feelings - which seemed to make sense because I didn’t want those feelings. But Dr. Crewe knew there had to be a better way - she recognized that I needed to stop fighting and accept how I was feeling, and overall, myself. - Chiara F."

"Dr. Crewe has changed my life."

"Carly's passion and and experience made the Matriarch program enjoyable and full of valuable content. There were so many gems and take-aways! I looked forward to being with a group of other women to discuss self-worth, boundaries and self-trust." - Joyce S, on the Matriarch Program

"Carly speaks with enthusiasm that is contagious! "

"As someone who was diagnosed 15 years ago withwith severe postpartum depression and anxiety, then 4 years ago with complex PTSD, working with Carly for the last year has done more for me than all of the psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists over the years." — Steph B.

"When my doctor referred me to Carly, she said, "I don't know what else to do with you."

"I'm not new to mental health but what was new was someone I could talk to regularly and who genuinely "got it." Carly was understanding, but also knew when to challenge the false beliefs and stories I had on repeat about myself...Forever grateful for the opportunity to work with such an amazing woman." — Allison G.

"Carly's patience and knowledge has been invaluable."

What amazing things could you do...
if you no longer had to fight with your mental health?

take the first step. (it's easy!)

join today!