This is a mental health revolution.


Does this sound familiar to you?

When you are “good,” you are really good.

When you are on top of your game, you are taking really good care of yourself. Maybe you’re meditating regularly, spending some time with your journal and exercising.  You’re doing the things that make you feel good. You’re rocking it.

And then life gets busy.

Something comes up and you think, “I don’t need to do all this anymore, I’m good now.”

All of the struggles of the low mood days and worries seem so far away. “Surely, I’m better now, I don’t need to work so hard.” 

And you stop all the things.

Before you know it, you’re not “good” anymore.

You remember all of those “good habits” you used to do, and know you should get back to them.

But you need support, accountability and skills to get there.

So here’s the thing…

You need a lifelong approach to managing your mental health, rather than riding the roller coaster from “great” to “crisis.”

I know this because I work with women like you every single day.

As an MD Psychotherapist and expert in women’s mental health, I believe that our approach to mental wellness must be comprehensive, actionable and effective.

None of us have time to waste, but we all want to feel our best.
For ourselves + our families.

I also run a virtual mental health clinic for women called Eunoia Medical (it’s super duper cool.)

Eunoia is a little clinic with a BIG mission: to help as many women as possible and create a revolution in women’s mental health care.

No one has time for stuffy therapists and psychiatrists who spend 10 minutes with you and prescribe a cocktail of drugs, leaving you to fend for yourself and wonder wtf just happened. These approaches are outdated, ineffective and leave women feeling alone and unfixable.

Personally, I’m done with allllll that. I’d bet you are too.

I’m creating a revolution in women’s mental health.


A monthly mental health membership for women.



The Eunoia Collective is for:

Women ready to break the cycle of mental health ups and downs.

Whether you’re a future, current or past patient of Eunoia Medical…

Whether you’re on our waiting list or have been long-time client of Carly’s and know you LOVE her approach

Or you just need a space to be held accountable for taking better care of your mental health…

Maybe you’re diagnosed with a mental illness or just aren’t sure what’s happening in your brain

Perhaps you are looking for a clear plan, actionable strategies and support to really get back to feeling like yourself…

Maybe you want to work with Carly but don’t need intense 1:1 sessions…

Whatever brought you to this page today…The Eunoia Collective is for you.

How would it feel…

If you knew exactly how to handle your down days, your off days, your anxious days and your chaotic days?

You had simple strategies to help you manage overwhelming emotions so you didn’t feel like a failure?

You knew WHY your brain does what it does and had the know-HOW to change it?

You had effective tools to be confident in your relationships and set healthy AF boundaries?

You had an expert in women’s mental health available to answer your questions at (almost) anytime?

You had a community of like-minded women who are working towards true mental wellness that you could lean on for support and accountability?

i'm guessing pretty damn good

What’s Included?

The Eunoia Collective gives you VIP-access to exclusive mental health courses, coaching and a community of support so you can get off the mental health roller-coaster and consistently feel good.





We’ve got a few options for you.

Ready to join the revolution?

You don’t have to do it all by yourself.

I know, you’re fiercely independent and crazy competent.

You hold yourself to high expectations.

You have accomplished a lot in your life.

But something doesn’t feel right.

And it drives you crazy.

What if there was a safe place for you to learn about everything your brain is telling you, how to change the bad habits you fight against and stay accountable to yourself?

What if you had access to an expert in women’s mental health to ask your questions, get coaching, strategies and support whenever you needed it?

I promise you, whatever you’re dealing with in your mind, I have seen it, helped someone through it and can help you get through it too.

Let’s hear what others have to say…

“I was anxiety ridden, feeling hopeless and so alone. Carly was down-to-earth, honest, compassionate, empathetic and relatable. Like an old friend to share the hard struggles with and know it’s OK, that you’re not alone.”

-Eunoia Client

“Thank you Carly for helping me be the best version of myself for me and my family.”

-Eunoia Client

“When my doc referred me to you she literally said, “I don’t know what else to do with you.” Well, she helped big time sending me your way.”

-Eunoia Client

It’s time for a revolution in how women care for their mental health.

Ready to join the revolution?