The everyday tools I use for my mental health and my business! As a note, I am an affiliate for some of these companies, which means I get a kickback if you use my code or link. I only recommend tools I personally use and love!

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How to Stop Being An Anxious People-Pleasing Mess!
My no-bullshit guide to getting your anxiety under control once and for all. 

You Are Not Your Anxiety
by Carly Crewe, MD

here are some of my fave things for your brain

Favorite Mental Health Resources

this is a good one!

Free anxiety management app providing cognitive-behavoural therapy skills to reduce anxiety and improve symptoms.


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Another great meditation app that offers fantastic introductory guided meditations as well as more advanced. 


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A free app (with a premium subscription option) that provides thousands of free meditations and relaxation tracks.
Check out my fave teacher: Sarah Blondin

insight timer

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My monthly mental health membership program -monthly courses, community support and more, all within a convenient app (away from social media.)

the eunoia collective

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Online interactive cognitive behavioural therapy skills training for anxiety and depression symptoms. 


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I've been a loyal YWA follower for at least 5 years. She provides yoga for all skill levels and needs on YouTube for FREE! YAS!

yoga with adriene

daily things I can't live without

Favorite Products

How I chase twins and shop at the
same time

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

Tinted moisturizer + SPF in one.

Beauty Counter Dew Skin

Coming soon!

Eunoia Branded Anxiety Mug

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If you struggle with feeling like you're never doing enough, never good enough or that you never meet your own're going to want this one on repeat.

10 Minute Meditation for Releasing Perfectionism 

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3 Natural Strategies to Improve Your Mood

From business to health books, these are the reads I keep coming back to and recommend to all of my clients! 

What's On My Bookshelf

how i literally run my business

My Fave Business Tools

this is a good one!

My FAVOURITE project management and to-do list manager. If it's not on my ASANA, it's not getting done. The free version is amazing!


new website, yes please

The platform this website is built on with help from an amazing designer template from Elizabeth McCravy Designs.


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Need to build an email list? I find Flodesk to be user-friendly and customizable. I love the templates and workflows especially!


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A robust community management and membership application and where I run The Eunoia Collective. 

mighty networks

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Calendar and scheduling app with integrated reminders, option to bill upon booking and flexible dynamic scheduling.


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An easy-to-use online commerce platform for selling physical or digital products. 


Blue Yeti Microphone // For podcasting mic

 // For recording solo and interviews

Calendly // For scheduling interviews

Anchor // For podcast hosting 

Canva // For podcast graphics and cover art

Headliner // For creating audiograms

Podcast Tools