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I’m Carly!

When you book me to speak to your audience – whether a conference, podcast interview or media interview – you can guarantee I am prepared to ensure your audience feels seen, has a good laugh and learn valuable skills + tools to improve their mental health. 

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  • Mental health
  • Anxiety management
  • Maternal and peripartum mental health
  • Professional work-life balance
  • Boundaries + assertiveness
  • Revolutionizing mental health care
  • Impact of the pandemic on mental health



Kind Words

“You’re so amazing! Thank you so so much. I am getting so many texts from people saying how much they appreciated and connected with your talk.”

Ranessa G, Conference Organizer (keynote presentation)

Carly, I just finished watching your presentation about mental health for the CSCLXT conference and wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. You explained everything so well and in simple terms. I learned so many helpful tips. I’ve been struggling recently so this was the perfect thing to know I’m “normal” feeling how I feel.

Stephanie M., Conference Participant

“I love how down-to-earth your talk was. Kept it real. Sometimes when you hear talks about mental health and emotions, it gets too compliciated. I could listen to you for hours.”

Rebecca W., Conference participant

“Dr. Crewe, you are amazing! I am not a healthcare provider but I work in a CPD Medicine Office and we put on a ton of CPD events each year, so I hear a lot of docs speak. You are unique and so very powerful. Thank you for what you are giving to the world.”

Audience member

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