You've Got This, Modern Mama

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You've Got This, Modern Mama: A Mother's Guide to Embracing the Present and Living an Inspire Life is the fifth and final volume in the best-selling series. This extension explores modern day motherhood in all its glory. The Mama Team shares their personal experiences and reflections of parenting in the NOW, with you.

You will read stories about parenting in a pandemic, navigating the societal shifts and

changes in gender roles, home life, nutrition and education. We dive into the restructuring of the nuclear family and the invisible mother load carried by modern day mamas! We will prove to you that you are never alone and as always, remind you that, you've got this, Mama!

Contributing Authors:
Leisse Wilcox
Alison Marie Helms
Tarra Hartel
Michelle Garber-Mastromatteo
Christina Whelan Chabot
Carly Crewe
Kristen Barton
Tracy Lynn Keeping
Jessica Minicola
Sherri Marie Gaudet
Jessica Callery
Krystal Butler
Kathy Kemp
Laura Williams
Brianne Chepurnyj
Angela Muscat
Andrea Sluga
Ashley Olson

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