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1:1 Mentorship

it's time to create a life by your own design.

You desire high-level support for yourself as a whole woman.

If you've landed on this page, you're someone who has big visions for her life.
My VIP Intensives are not for everyone - they're for the woman who is ready to go ALL IN on her dreams and craves a deep sense of purpose, meaning and alignment in her life.

Working with me as your private mentor means:

You want close proximity and a mentor to walk with you, shoulder-to-shoulder, as you navigate the ups, downs and upside-downs of living your fullest, bravest life.

Having back-pocket support from a woman who is in the arena with you - choosing to live outside of the box, bravely creating a life of meaning, legacy and impact.

Having someone in your corner, in every domain of your life, seeing your blind spots and providing powerful reflection.

Learning how to move through your life with more intuition, trust in yourself and conviction in who you are, what you stand for and the legacy you want to create in your life.

I'm not the coach that will give you a business plan or blueprint for doing what I have done.

I don't have the blueprint for your results.
You do.

This is not a container where you will learn the step-by-step or XYZ approach to your life.

Working with me means you desire to build a life (and/or business) by your own design, making it inherently more sustainable, fulfilling and successful because it came FROM YOU.

Having me as your mentor will provide you with a high-level place to plug in, be seen in your highest by someone who doesn't believe your bullshit mindset spirals or beliefs in your unworthiness.

Our time together is extended, allowing us to form a deep relationship, giving you inner-circle access to my life and work for next-level impact in your own.

and here are some things we can work on:

Our time together is customized to help you reach your goals.

Clarity on your identity, what you value and what you REALLY want
Finding and activating your voice
Mapping out your next big moves
Listening to and strengthening your intuition
Improving self-awareness and self-understanding
Moving through self-doubt, fear and Imposter Syndrome
Time and energy management for ease, flow and productivity
Emotional intelligence and emotion management
Releasing perfectionism and productivity-obsession for more peace
Interpersonal effectiveness and relationships
Powerful communication and boundary-setting
Creation of a life that reflects who you are and your most important values
Stepping out of "the shoulds" and finding out what you really desire
Courageous self-leadership
Cultivating self-trust and self-confidence
Identifying your life purpose and mission
Creation of a sustainable entrepreneurial mindset

I help ambitious women like you take radical responsibility for their mental health, step into their personal power and create a life by their own incredible design.

I believe that prioritizing our mental health is foundational in living our bravest, boldest and most impactful lives as women. As a mental health advocate and educator, I speak openly about my own mental health struggles and believe radical vulnerability and storytelling are invaluable instruments of connection and healing. 

As a physician, I specialize in the holistic and comprehensive management of mental health symptoms in women and lead a team of women physicians as the CEO Eunoia Medical, my innovative virtual mental health clinic for women where we help hundreds of women feel like themselves again.
As the Leader of BraveHer, a global women's empowerment movement, I provide transformational coaching experiences and spaces for women to join together in sisterhood, collaborate and harness our collective wisdom. 

I'm a mom to a set of feisty twin girls, a wife and modern-day nomad, calling a 32-ft RV home. I'm an ever-recovering perfectionist, self-care junkie, author, speaker, corporate mental health consultant and content creator.

physician· leader of braveher · empowerment coach · 

Women's Mental Health + Empowerment Expert

Hey! I'm Carly

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You crave having an expert in mental health, mindset, leadership and empowerment as your personal support coach to navigate your exciting next level

You wish you had someone you trusted in your back-pocket to run things by, hear honest reflections, get in-the-moment advice or troubleshoot 

You desire to be seen in your wholeness, as the multifaceted diamond you are, and want to shine from all of your sides confidently

You want to access a deeper level of self-awareness and trust, so you can strip away the shoulds and feel more free

You yearn for your life to feel more YOURS, rather than a script that someone wanted you to follow, or you thought was a good idea at the time

You want to step into a higher level of leadership, whether it's leading yourself through hard things or building and leading a team

You want an all-access pass to all of my programs, behind the scenes of my life and business and exclusive 1:1 time with me

1:1 Mentorship is for you if...

This program is a 4-figure monthly investment and is designed as an extended container for maximum integration, progress and results. 

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