Where would you like to begin?

There are a few different ways we can work together, depending on your needs!

Anxiety + Mental Health

In my virtual medical clinic Eunoia Medical, I work in my capacity as an MD Psychotherapist to assess, diagnose and treat mental health disorders in women via telemedicine. Treatment includes mindset coaching, various psychotherapy modalities and expert medication selection and administration. Consults are available via physician or self-referral.

You can learn more about Eunoia Medical and inquire about becoming a patient by clicking here. 

Online Business

I work with a select number of clients as an Online Business Coach to help them build successful online businesses without the overwhelm. You can learn more about my Signature Coaching Program Aligned + Profitable by clicking here.


Graphic Design

I love to express my creative side and design logos and corresponding social media graphics for a small number of clients. You can see my portfolio and Graphic Design Packages by clicking here.


Hey, I'm Carly.

I am an MD and an Anxiety + Mindset Coach for moms and mompreneurs struggling with overwhelm, indecision and self-doubt. I support them with cognitive behavioural strategies to help them build their dream life + business without sacrificing what is most important to them.

Like you, I lost myself after becoming a mother.
All of the goals and dreams that once lit me up
became buried under overwhelm, self-doubt
and doing allofthethings.

But I knew there was something more for me.

More connection. More purpose. More helping others. More time for myself. More time with my kids. More adventure. More freedom.

So I devoted myself to chasing my dreams, building my dream business and being the best mother I could be. I want to help you do the same.

Now I am honoured to work with ambitious aspiring mompreneurs and help them create their dream life while I live mine.

You are meant for more Mama, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Let's make it happen.