You are not Your Anxiety

How to Stop Being An Anxious People-Pleasing Mess

A brutally honest, no-bullshit manual to finally get your anxiety under control and kick your people-pleasing habits to the curb. From MD Psychotherapist, Women’s Mental Health Expert and “the doctor who specializes in anxiety,” Dr. Carly Crewe, MD CCFP.

I get it.

You worry constantly. You feel overwhelmed, scatter-brained and it’s so damn noisy in that mind of yours.

You take care of everyone else and leave nothing for yourself. Your brain never shuts off and you constantly feel like you’re letting others down.

Sometimes you feel like you’re maybe going crazy.

Don’t worry, you’re not.

I literally wrote the book on this sh*t. I’ve got your back.

You Are Not Your Anxiety


How to Stop Being An Anxious People-Pleasing Mess


Anxiety disorders in women are on the rise.

We are facing more pressure than ever to get more done in less time and with less support.

We have been conditioned to “do it all” and constantly ensure everyone else’s needs are met before our own.

And because of all this, we’re exhausted, resentful and anxious AF.

It’s time to rewrite this narrative.

It’s time to reclaim our time, our energy and our sanity.

It’s time we learn about our own brains, how they work and learn to manage them (rather than being controlled by them.)

It’s time we reject the idea that putting ourselves first is selfish, that we must be available to everyone and that having boundaries makes us a bitch.


How To Stop Being An Anxious People-Pleasing Mess

Armed with the right infomation and support, women have the potential to take back control of their minds and their lives.


Our current system of treating women’s mental health issues is fragmented, outdated and ineffective. It leaves many women feeling confused, broken and alone.

In her newest book, Dr. Crewe shares her revolutionary approach to managing anxiety and mental health symptoms in women: The Eunoia Approach™.

Combining biological, psychology and social strategies, The Eunoia Approach seeks to completely overhaul how we care for women’s mental health and truly address the multidimensional reality of mental illness.

In her unique (and sometimes sassy) style, Dr. Crewe educates, empowers and calls women up to truly take back control of their mental health in You Are Not Your Anxiety: How To Stop Being An Anxious People-Pleasing Mess.

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Who is Dr. Carly Crewe?

Dr. Carly Crewe, MD is a mom to twin toddlers, modern day nomad and MD Psychotherapist specializing in women’s mental health. Dr. Crewe is the Founder and Owner of Eunoia Medical, an innovative and dynamic virtual microclinic that provides comprehensive treatment of mental health disorders in women.

Carly believes that when women are well, they have the power to heal and change the world. Her mission is to revolutionize women’s mental health care, from fragmented and haphazard to a holistic, comprehensive and integrated approach that meets every woman where she is and addresses the multidimensional reality of mental health.

Dr. Crewe combines her knowledge of eclectic psychotherapeutic modalities with experience in both integrative modalities, nutritional psychiatry and psychotherapeutics (medications for mental illness) to provide a unique and comprehensive approach to the treatment of mental illness in women. 

In her breakthrough book, Dr. Crewe shares her unique insights on anxiety, including her own experience with severe postpartum anxiety and what strategies she used to heal. She has now helped hundreds of women do the same thing, and You Are Not Your Anxiety provides a handbook for any woman looking to finally feel in control of their mind.